I’ll Be Looking In To This For Damn Sure

I live to fuck with cats.

cat mask

I love it too.

I also love the expression on that black and white cats face.

Must duplicate locally for maximum hilarity.

The wife’s gonna be pissed at me again.

Bonus points.

I love to fuck with her too.

In case you haven’t noticed I am an ornery motherfucker.

13 thoughts on “I’ll Be Looking In To This For Damn Sure

  1. Be careful, Phil. Cats are find of bringing you presents – you might wake up one morning to find a dead rat in your shoe.


  2. I’ve gotten far worse “presents” from fucking cats than a dead rat in a show.

    How’s a bout a show full of cat shit?

    No? Then how about a big steaming pile on your pillow?

    I’ll hesitate to say I HATE cats, but I definitely don’t have much love, or even “like”, for the vermin…..


  3. I learned to be polite [or sneaky][ with cats after I checked a now-unusable pillow that even had some bits of toilet paper included.

    Balance of terror. Pet, brush, feed, but always with the attitude of a fiend from Hell. They will understand, one way or another.

    Cats are intelligent companions, once they “get over” the “I am God” complex. “Gizmeaux” [Polish Spelling] was one of the best “dogs” that I ever had. She’d chase and retrieve super-balls, watched over us from a window when we were working outside, popped into a window when she heard our cars. iGizmeaux was the only cat that sort of understood the concept of a “joke” and would come down from the kitchen cabinets after I laughed and said, “OK”. The mask above would have been “tolerated”. [There was a specific body language and “strut” that screamed “Asshole!” ] The others; we were pleased when they didn’t poop or barf on the bedding, didn’t claw the little grandkids, and occasionally purred when brushed.

    Cats are cats. They didn’t join our campfire but allow us to visit, sometimes.


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