15 thoughts on “Zero Fucks

  1. By Steve Campion
    Friday, January 26, 2018
    BAYTOWN, Texas (KTRK) —
    Eyewitness News has learned more about a viral video taken inside a Baytown restaurant.

    The footage was first posted on Reddit showing a heated exchange between a man and woman. She can be seen swinging her fists at the man as he holds a beer and a carryout container. He eventually threw the carryout food in her face.

    Baytown police officers said the people in the video are a couple. They identified them as Garett Wilder, 26, and his girlfriend, Brittany Farber, 24. They charged them both with misdemeanors for public intoxication.

    Wilder talked to ABC13 about the incident after we tracked him down. He admitted alcohol played a factor. He expressed remorse about the altercation.

    “I’ve got nothing to say about it really,” said Wilder. “I really don’t want to talk about. She was a little embarrassed by it, but now she’s kind of embraced it that everyone has seen it.”

    Wilder said Farber was at work Thursday afternoon. He said the two are back together and haven’t had any alcohol since the incident.

    Bayou City Wings said they suspended three employees as a result of the video being posted online.


    • That was fast, and thanks.

      Should have figured it was some kind of domestic squabble.

      Im not sad I consciously avoided the whole “relationship” thing post High School…
      Im just going to hang over here, doing what i want with zero chance of drama.

      Im golden 😎


  2. I would have beat her ass down, she was the instigator of that brawl. he was walking out appearing to mind his own damn business.


  3. He must have hit her awful hard with that flimsy plastic container to drop her on her ass like that…naah. She faked that fall. Anything to play the ‘victim’ card.

    So much fake BS. “Cry out in pain as you hit him.”


  4. Never hit a girl. My grandpa taught me that when I was 6. Did she deserve it? Yea. But now Garett is on the interwebs forever smackin a girl. Not worth it IMO


    • Times have changed since Grandpa’s day, Steve. Females have become pretty cynical, sly, and much more emotionally/psychologically/physically abusive since back then.

      Take a good look at how husbands and wives are portrayed in the mass media. The husband is portrayed as a bumbling, incompetent doofus who can’t get out of his own way without the smarter, more capable wife to guide the poor, ignorant clown through life.
      Don’t believe me?

      The Simpsons
      The Family Guy
      Married With Children
      Modern Family

      The list goes on and on. Watch.the video for the 2015 pop hit, “Shut Up And Dance With Me” and pay attention to how long it takes for the female character to physically assault the male character.

      Men aren’t partners in a marriage any more, either. They’re financial resources, to be used, squeezed dry, and cast aside like empty candy wrappers.

      I don’t like hitting anyone, either. But damn if I’ll let anyone beat on me.


      • She slapped at his chicken wings. He slapped her ass to the floor. Sitcoms and cartoons are not real life. We shouldn’t become the men portrayed by media. Our grandpa’s would be ashamed.


        • Steve, you missed the point entirely.
          You’re being wilfully obtuse.
          These days, women are taught to regard men as nothing but penises with wallets attached to them – not as human beings.
          This is not our Grandpa’s world.

          In case you still don’t get it, I’ll simplify it for you.
          Think “Lorena Bobbit”.


    • Steve, think of that icon of female empowerment, America’s feminist role model and champion of free and open elections, Hillary Clinton.
      She deserves far, far worse than a smack in the chops.


  5. Good thing he didn’t use a plastic straw to put her on her ass. Just possessing one is a class 1 felony. At least in San Francisco it is.


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