10 thoughts on “Swipe It And Share

  1. Where were you when there was a chance to engage and stop this shit (pre-2008)? oh yeah; DRUNK. So now you are sober and disgusted because “someone else” let this cancer metastasize … You are (were) the problem. Live with it.


  2. Think of all the horrible things Obama could have accomplished if he hadn’t been the laziest dude who ever sat his skinny ass in the Oval Office.


  3. Phil,

    You took the very difficult step of getting yourself “right”. A great many don’t have that capacity. Don’t let anybody troll you for your admitted failings. What fucking douches some people are.

    A terrific pic/meme. I love Trump. He is the perfect response to Obama. And just like every Affirmative Action hire who witnesses vast improvement after they leave their position of power, so is Obama experiencing it.


  4. Two nails to be driven:
    1) We all have failings. The self-righteous Anonymous who bagged on you for being an alcoholic has his, too; but he would rather bag on your human failings than applaud your return to sobriety.

    He’s a toxic POS, so fuck him.

    Caliph B. Hussein Obama is no longer President. Woohoo! Let the festivities continue! Rejoice! We got our country back from that disease organism!

    President Trump is doing a better job of undoing the eight years of damage that the Kenyan socialist did than I could. He’s stumbled a few times – but all in all, he’s doing a great job. Yeah hoo!

    That horrid witch (literally) Hillary is not President.
    Deep sigh of existential relief.


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