One Step Forward…….

I’m sure you know the rest, right?

I’ve been half assed fighting this Check Engine light, surging idle problem ever since I got this Bronco.

Regular readers may recall that I did finally step up and replace the EGR valve a while back but that the problem didn’t go away, even though that’s the code it keeps popping out and from past experience, that era of Ford products were notorious for having EGR valves that would get dirty and stick open.

Right before we went on vacation, I stopped at a parts house to get some shit for the wife’s rig and had the damn thing not want to start again because it was hotter than fuck, I had been to Portland in heavy traffic and the fuel pump on the frame rail vapor locked.

Well, while I was in there getting shit for the wife’s car I actually surprised the shit out of myself and remembered to get a fucking EGR position sensor for the Bronco.

The one that was on it didn’t look that old but I figured for $35 bucks, fuck it, I’ll get one anyway.

Night before last,, just before dark and after it had cooled off from I’m not doing shit because it’s too fucking hot, I went out to have a smoke and remembered that thing was sitting on the console. I dug it out, opened the hood and got the little 4 inch crescent wrench I carry at all times out and changed the fucking thing.


In hindsight, I should have disconnected the battery and reset the fucking computer.

So earlier yesterday, I got in it and ran some errands.

The whole time I am watching for that Check Engine light to come on.

It didn’t but the fucking rear ABS light did.

What, The, Fuck.

Then, as I was sitting in a drive through, the fucking idle jumped up again but the damn light never came on.

The rear ABS on those old bastards has a sensor on top of the differential, sometimes they get shit on them and start acting up as I recall. I’m gonna save that for later because I know it needs a rear brake job reeeeeeeeally fucking soon anyway.

Just a few minutes ago, I got in it and went up to another garbage gut dispenser because the wife ain’t here and there ain’t no food either since she headed out the door to her folks the minute we got home. Her mother is having serious health issues and lives right on the way to where she had to go to pick up the boy from camp.

As I pull up next to the order screen, out of the corner of my eye, I see that Check Engine light just barely flash, at the exact moment the idle started to jump up but both quit in just a split second.

This is why I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have unhooked the battery.

What most people don’t understand about computerized cars is that the computer actually learns new engine strategies by recording your driving habits and using the sensor readings to make a new strategy. Unhooking the battery resets the damn thing to the factory defaults and then you start over again.

So anyway, I’m hoping that the EGR position sensor pretty much took care of the Check Engine light issue, now I just have 3 or 4 more to deal with.

I don’t really care too much as long as the damn thing gets me where I’m going because I love that fucking thing, seriously.  I wish I would have gotten one of them years ago now.

The fuel pump and the back brakes are next on the list.

Chip away at the stone, ya know?


BTW, I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I am going to get rid of that Caballero, as much as it breaks my heart.

I don’t hardly ever drive it anymore and it is just sitting there going to hell.

I think it’s time for it to find a new parking place.

9 thoughts on “One Step Forward…….

  1. Do the battery disconnect-and-reconnect thing and let the computer learn to run the engine with a working EGR valve AND a good EGR Valve Position Sensor at the same time.

    *Coo-den Hoit*


  2. Weren’t cars and trucks fucking easier when the damn computer weren’t in them? Did you replace the vacuum hoses and check the connections when ya replaced all that shit?


  3. I have a 99 2 door Blazer which for some reason chevy calls it a Tahoe. It really runs very well and I hope to be driving it for some time. It is the last year for a 2 door Blazer full size. So far I have 152,000 on it and no problems with emissions or check engine lights yet. Good luck with your Bronco. You will eventually get it all sorted out!


  4. Computers in cars are such fun. I have an ’09 Explorer. At random times I turn it on and it does something stupid. The most common things is to say, “Check Left Rear Tail light” and the blinker goes into fast mode. I turn the car off then back on again, and suddenly the burned out tail light is risen from the dead. Sometimes the air conditioner doesn’t work. Same thing: universal software fix: turn it off and on again.

    In this case, disconnect the battery and reconnect it.


    • One thing to keep in mind about the DC computers on cars is that they use ground switching internally and not power.
      It is vitally important to make sure your battery to body and body to frame (if you have one) grounds are clean and tight connections.
      They do bizzare shit when they can’t find a good ground.


  5. Computerized engines are horrifying, unnatural and wrong.

    Why I like the old VW 1600cc flat four.
    Yes, it’s gutless. I’m not Richard Petty, so I don’t care.

    That little air-cooled sewing machine has a voice of its own, and over the decades I’ve learned its language.

    A mere nincompoop such as myself can learn its intricacies, and keep it running with hairpins and rubber bands, in an emergency.

    They’re getting harder and harder to find.


  6. Phil,
    Did you check the EGR sensor voltage? I remember something about either the internal surface on some EGR’s being too high and or the sensor tip being too long. As for computers on cars all I have to say is, nobody in the 60’s produced a car with 840 hp stock!


    • I haven’t buckled down that far yet, I’m pretty much half assing it at the moment. The check engine light hasn’t come back on yet so I’m assuming the sensor took care of that issue but the idle will still randomly jump up to about 1250 and stay there for no apparent reason until I shut it off and cycle the key.
      I’ve been pretty busy lately so I am just living with it. I will get serious about it a bit later. I am going to change that damn fuel pump before I do anything else. The idle problem I can live with for the time being but getting stranded because the fuel pump shits the bed when it gets hot ain’t an option.


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