I’ll Bet He Works For The Government

How else would you explain spending  a thousand times as much money fixing this up than it could ever possibly be worth?



That fucking blower cost more than the car did when it was brand new.

12 thoughts on “I’ll Bet He Works For The Government

  1. Gotta be fake. The torque from any engine that could use that much aspiration would twist a Pinto frame like a wet noodle.

    Pintos needed only a few modifications to make them into nifty barbecues.

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  2. I see it’s caged, too.
    Had a friend with a siamese Mauser action, custom stock, heavy barrel. He had designed to piss off the local benchrest shooters. It was chambered in 45-70. Very nice rifle.


  3. I had a 78 pinto hatch back. With the stock engine, it would spin the rear tires until you let off. It was fun to drive, actually. 4 speed on the floor. But I had it parked in my driveway one night, which was just parallel to the road, and some drunk driver came by and hit it right directly from behind. It tossed the car into a 180, and then hit my other car that was sitting in front of that one, my very nice, 1973 Ford Gran Torino, a nice sky blue color. Two cars in my driveway while I was sleeping, smashed. The Pinto was totalled, of course, but the Torino just needed a new gas tank and the rear valance (sp?) replaced. I really loved that Gran Torino. It had a 351 Cleveland block engine in it, and I was never beat from a stop light but once. That was some guy with a Corvette, and he hit 2nd gear and was like, gone.

    Ah, the fun we had when we were young. Changing tires each fall for snow tires in the rear, before radials came out. Parking at the drive in movie, with my high school girl friend. Then I got divorced, and remarried, and the dreaded mini van. I still feel like I was sort of raped when I bought that.

    I am 58 now, and just a year ago, bought my very first pick up truck, a Ford F 150 cab and a half, 4 wheel drive. It is older, but so am I, and I will never go without a truck again.


    • I haven’t had a car in 25 years. I have had trucks and vans, I mean real vans since that long. I used to drive station wagons and then discovered pick ups and I haven’t look back. I just turned 60. I was born in Grand Rapids Pigpen,so we are Michiganders…

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      • I am from Hesperia, not California, but Michigan. I live in Muskegon now, right on the coast of Lake Michigan. Gotta love our state, at least in the nicer months.


        • I live in South Dakota and I enjoy visiting Michigan in the spring until fall, especially UP. I get snow here, why see snow there, right?


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