6 thoughts on “My Favorite Part Of My Trip To Seattle?

  1. 😂😂 that’s about what an Austrian comedian replied when asked by a reporter what his favorite moments are whenever he’s in Vienna:
    “My favorite moments are on the highway leaving the city!”


    • I always feel the same when I head west to home from that place. I grew up there, albeit in the countryside nearby. Twenty feet above the high tide mark isn’t far enough away from that place now.


  2. When visiting friends out there one of them asked me, “if you don’t like Seattle so much, why are you happy?”

    “Because I know I’m leaving soon.”


  3. I owned a business in Kirkland and Seattle when Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains were bar bands, I did not realize it the time but they were the start of the big wave of liberal nutjobs that took the place over. They have ruined Ballard and all the little hidey-hole bars that existed back then. It was so fun to go to loud bars where you had to actually wade in a inch of beer on the floor to get a drink while drunk girls danced on the bar. The Seattle I loved is dead.


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