Ain’t Found Vlad Yet

At the rate I’m going, I don’t know if I’m going to get a chance to get downtown far enough to look for that statue anyway.

Fuck me, I am wore the fuck out.

I walked so much today that I couldn’t look another set of stair in the face.

Not only is Seattle like San Francisco political wise, this fucking city has got some serious ass hills to boot.

That fucking Monorail saved our asses today though.

The hotel we are in is 3 blocks South of the Space Needle and the Music Museum or whatever the fuck they call it.

We went up the needle last night just at dark after we got here.


Today was the Music Museum and Pike Street Market.

music museum

Gaudy motherfucker, it’s reportedly all Titanium panels, each one a custom fit.

If you look close down to the right, you can see where the Monorail actually goes in between two of the buildings.

The Space needle is basically right next door.

Getting in these things ain’t cheap either, When you have a party of 5, you are shelling out some dough.

After spending hours inside the museum, we hopped on the Monorail and went downtown.

Then we split up. The Wife and kids all wanted to spend hours and lots of money at the Pro Shop and the Nike store.

No fucking thanks, so I hiked it down to Pike Street Market and walked through all of the levels, from end to end, four times.


It was insanely packed with every kind of people you can imagine from all over the world.

Plus, it was 95 fucking degrees outside.

I thought I did a lot of walking when I was at work, this has been downright brutal.

I also thought the wife was gonna keel the fuck  over while we were coming back up off the bay from the Ferris Wheel to have dinner at some Cheesecake outfit a half mile away. and I was right behind her.

That turned into an unnecessary detour because the kid had his head up his ass using Google Maps to get us to the restaurant so we went a quarter mile North, crossed a fucking street to get to Pike Street Market again and then had to hike back South the entire length of the fucker so we could go East another quarter of a mile.

All up hill.

I’m gonna cut this short because I am exhausted but there was all kinds of shit went on the past couple of days.

Tomorrow is the last minute tourist trap shot before we leave and head South for a couple of days at some fucking casino.

The wife has this shit planned out to the fucking minute, I swear.

I’m supposed to hook up with someone local here for lunch who reads the blog and I’m hoping that works out. I have to drive in this fucking mad house for that one.


6 thoughts on “Ain’t Found Vlad Yet

    • I agree, Air Museum is the only reason to go downtown. Even Pikes Street Market ain’t even that good anymore. I used to drive downtown Seattle with Airgas in a Liquid O2 tanker… Boeing, Microsoft, The Hospitals a couple places on Queen Anne Hill. I had to have on several occasions have emergency upholstery repair to take out the butt clench I put into the seat… You couldn’t get me there today.


  1. “That turned into an unnecessary detour because the kid had his head up his ass…”
    You’ve already covered that in some detail, so why were you relying on him to direct you anywhere that wasn’t in plain sight?

    Those extra shifts must’ve really kicked your ass: Properly Rested Phil would never have fallen for that.


  2. Titanium is a right pig to machine – what a waste. Let those Seattleites whine some more about their ‘carbon footprint’, then tell them how much it takes to get those Ti panels to fit just so.
    I think I’d rather go to St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad) than Seattle. It’s a pretty sure thing that the Russians have scrapped & melted down all the Lenin statues, and are now using them for coinage.
    Good riddance to the Commie bastard.


  3. Do not go into the Music Museum and hold a rolled up poster under your chin (so it looks like the barrel of a shotgun) and say it’s your Kurt Cobain impersonation. They got very butt hurt and asked me to leave.


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