Looking For Vladimir

I am off to see if those Commie fuckers in Seattle actually took this down like they said they were going to,




My money says it is still there.

Since I am going to be in the San Francisco of the North for a few days , we shall see.

Have I mentioned that I really hate Seattle?

Stay tuned to see what I really think after I get to drive up there in a small 4 door sedan crammed to the gills with 5 people and all of their crap.

Through all that horrific traffic between here and there.

in 95 degree weather.

You betcha, I’m really looking forward to this shit.


Rookies. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

6 thoughts on “Looking For Vladimir

  1. Why the f**k would anyone in their right mind want to go to that s**thole city. I was born and raised there, and will never again spend a single penny in that corrupt and filthy s**thole city. Just look at their former pedo mayor.


  2. Be sure to decontaminate your car, belongings, and yourself after leaving Seattle. Get ‘swept’ for listening devices, RFID tracking devices, etc.

    In the United States, you watch TV. In the Washington Soviet Socialist Republic, TV watches you!


  3. Almost forgot. Almost.
    Which Communist put that thing there in the first place?
    Are the citizens of Seattle out of their collective fucking minds?
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn was right. We’ve become a nation of deranged, decadent, amoral sissies.
    It’s time to open up a big box of Fuck You for the Left, IMHO. They’ve wrecked the country.

    To misquote Karl Marx:

    “Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your lives!”

    Commie bastards.


  4. It’s just north of the Fremont bridge. Used to be a great neighborhood, 40-50 years ago. Now it’s a shithole with terrible traffic.


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