21 thoughts on “Still Trying To Figure This One Out

    • That’s what I am leaning toward,
      CV joint failed, drive axle dropped causing RF to pole vault on it.
      I had that happen in a 63 Ford van once. Front U joint let go and the front end of the driveline dropped and punched through the asphalt 4 inches and that fucker stood completely on it’s nose.
      Could be tranny locked up too but you would think you would see the front tires lock up and smoke briefly.


  1. Perhaps he was trying to put it in Neutral as he was driving and slid it up into Reverse. I did that once and skidded into the curb. I explained to the MP that I was trying to flip up my visor and accidentally hit the gear lever and knocked it into reverse.

    He bought it. I went home sans ticket.


    • Yes, you guys are right I believe. I saw that piece rolling around and wrote it off as one of those plastic covers that they like to put over and under everything these days but after watching it closer it appears to be pretty heavy.
      I’ll say case closed.


  2. Yup, a manhole cover that was not placed correctly, his tire went over it then tipped into the hole, flipping the cover out the back as the vehicle tumbled. Some asshole in the DOT or whatever company is owner of that particular manhole is going to be in heap big trouble. At least in China they steal the whole cover leaving an open hole that is somewhat more visible. If they find the rim worn or chipped due to heavy truck traffic it will just make the whole debacle worse.


  3. I think it’s the manhole cover. It looks like you can see it rolling like a coin once the vehicle starts to head for the grass.


  4. There is no manhole cover in this gif. Catastrophic axle failure. Not certain what the disk is unless it is part of the rear wheel. Horrible event. I hope no one was hurt. Back in 1984 my brother and I were towing a 1970 Challenger back to his place from a town I had lived in to to his place as I had nowhere to work on it. The axle locked up on it and the left rear tire flung itself into the air, bounced off the highway over the car behind us and into the ditch behind us. Thank God no one was hurt. We pulled to the shoulder and stopped. My brother asked me what we should do. I thought a minute and said the car’s not titled to me yet. So we pushed it into the ditch.
    That car is worth 40 or 50 grand now.


  5. Right front axle hub bearing locked up. This caused the lurch to the right and the excursion off road. The trans did not lock up as that would cause both fronts to stop and vehicle would continue on a fairly straight path forward. There is no manhole for a manhole lid to come off of. Therefore the round disc is the front right hubcap. There is no drive-shaft showing in the video. The vehicle appears to be front wheel drive so no drive-shaft going to rear to drop and catapult vehicle.


  6. What looks to some folks like a manhole cover was the right rear hub cap after the car bounced up and came down, knocking it loose.

    I thought there was a crosswalk speed bump there, but it’s flat judging by the car in the left lane, and after a couple of looks I’m inclined to think they just hit a hellacious pothole just before it, the right front dug in, with or without further parts failures, and then the driver lost control in the departure-from-controlled-flight aftermath.

    Going too fast in short- and narrow-wheelbase top-heavy vehicles will do that.


  7. That’s a transmission lock-up, IMO.
    I’ve never had that happen to me, nor have I ever seen it happen to somebody else. I guess I’ve been lucky.

    Fudgy Shorts Factor: 10


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