Get Out The Sledge Hammer And The Wedges


As soon as it’s on the ground, pick up the pieces, call up the saw shop and tell them to expect you.

After they sell you two new bars and chains, maybe someone down there can show you how to tighten up the slack on your chains so that this doesn’t happen again.

7 thoughts on “Get Out The Sledge Hammer And The Wedges

  1. But it is so difficult to tighten the chain on a Stihl. You to lift the locking ring and twist the tension nut and then lower the locking ring. No tools are necessary.

    There is something else going on. I have had many chainsaws over the past 50 years. The Stihl is by far the best designed saw for ease of maintenance and operation.


  2. Just spitballing, but maybe doing a pair of shallower bite cuts angling together, instead of trying to undercut the tree straight across in one go from the side gravity would automatically pinch down onto your blade wouldn’t have been a bad idea either.

    But if people had ever learned basic physics, or used their heads before using the chainsaw, I would be deprived of hundreds of hilarious tree-cutting fail videos on YouTube.


  3. Got an axe? Those are fairly foolproof.
    Notch that beast in the direction you want it to go, and prepare for sweat, swearing, blisters and aching muscles.
    He’s lucky he didn’t catch any of that chainsaw in his teeth.

    The wages of stupidity are pain.


  4. Wedge it first,(AND DEEP) on the side gravity says it leans towards. Then cut across from the back side about 0- 2 inches above the horizontal bottom cut of your wedge leaving 2-4 inches of “hinge” across the stump. If you correctly judged the natural lean of the tree it will fall. If you miss judged the direction of the lean or the wind is blowing against your natural fall, THEN you need the wedge and hammer. If it leans really bad instead of cutting from the backside toward the wedge cut, you bore cut it leaving your hinge and then pull the bar up cutting with the top side till you reach the back. If you are trying to fall it in a direction other than how it naturally leans to avoid a structure then cable it high at least 20 feet up and pull it the direction you need it to go with the winch on your skidder tractor. When I see the stumps of amateurs or just plain Morons I wonder how many ended up in the emergency room. Cutting hardwoods was my father’s life and my job till I graduated from college. It takes common mechanical sense which is less common as time goes on. Fortunately Morons and the mechanically deficient have YOU Tube.


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