I’m Not A Big Twitter Fan

Although I do have an account, @Bustednuckles1, I do sometimes run across something somewhere that I do notice that came from there.

I think I have sent maybe 3,possibly 4 , 5 would be tops, Tweets out in the last 3 years.

This dude though, I had to Follow after reading some of his retorts to people like Hillary and that traitorous ass clown John Brennan.





Ballsy and has a wicked sense of humor.

I like it.

I may have to spend more time over there if it is such a target rich environment like that.

Maybe I have been missing out on a lot of fun!

7 thoughts on “I’m Not A Big Twitter Fan

  1. Been following him for quite a while. He’s been declared persona non grata by the Hollyweird crowd, which makes him break out in paroxysms of giggles. Just wish he’d move over to Gab.ai


  2. Woods stays on Twitter because that’s where the audience is.

    He’s a conservative in Hollyweird, wicked smart and killer funny, and he’s all out of fucks to give.

    He’s also the only guy besides POTUS whose tweets make headlines pretty much daily.


  3. I think I’d sooner poke my eyes out with a filthy stick than post on Twitter. I sent out “One ping” (seen that Sean Connery movie, ‘The Hunt For Red October’?) on Facebook yesterday and oh my dear Lord the place is over-run with batshit crazy Leftists who aren’t smart enough to realize that they’re Communists.
    We’ll need a few Cat D-12s to deal with this mess.


    • Oh, and about James Woods –
      I’ve seen only one of his movies – “Videodrome”. Weird, kinda nasty, but Woods did get to snuggle up extra close with Deborah Harry (also known as ‘Blondie’ – former Playboy bunny and pop-rock star back in the ’80’s). Weird flick. Don’t bother watching it. Nightmarish, actually.
      Glad he’s landing a few verbal punches on the Hollyweird Libtards.


  4. Mr. James “Savage” Woods can get away with making comments that would get u mere mortals banned by Twitter because he is a Hollywood celeb and if Twitter banned him the response would be loud and ugly. You or I cannot poke fun at the libs with impunity without incurring a Twitter ban.


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