Gonna Be Busy The Next Few Days

I had to work yesterday on my “day off” and will be starting 12 hour shifts for at least 3 days, maybe 4 this week later this afternoon.
I’m sure I will come up with something but as fucking hot as it was yesterday and the fact it’s not supposed to cool off all week sucks ass.

This is a big maintenance project that has been on the schedule for a year and everyone knows it means long hours until it is finished.  All hands on deck pretty much and two twelve hours shifts so it goes around the clock until it’s done.

Except nobody bothered to tell us what time to show up so I had to text my boss and ask him yesterday.



Gotta love it.



4 thoughts on “Gonna Be Busy The Next Few Days

  1. Late 80’s, pre-smart phone/internet on the factory floor era, we did a $12+ million production line installation. 2.5 week window to get it done. About 20 different suppliers and vendors involved. One of the bosses actually had a brilliant idea. He had a large lunchroom table set-up just off the work safety zone and had four or five temporary outside landline phones installed on it and every imaginable catalog, reference manual AND all the local food delivery menus put there. Also a large mini-fridge with sodas and a large water cooler. The mechs, techs and electricians all took their breaks at the ‘command table” with the rule being if something had to be looked-up and ordered the guy taking his break did it while the guy needing the item either worked around it or did something else until the item showed up. There were also one or two boxes with single serving snacks and every shift got one company paid meal from the delivery menu du jour. We finished 3 days early, line went to 100% output within a few hours of release to production and we all received nice bonuses cash to boot. Irony: Just 5 years later the company dropped the product line after trying to sell it and it’s associated equipment and, with no takers, the line was scrapped!


  2. Regarding the heat – salt is just as important as water. So is how much potassium you’ve got floating around in that murky, curdled nervous system of yours. Keep your electrolytes up.
    It took me six weeks to get back on my feet after an electrolyte stroke. It ain’t no fun at all.
    Bananas and potato chips can save your life.


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