Want To Know What Is Really Going On?

Watch this 45 minute video by Praying Medic.
He walks you through some of Q’s posts and explains how they relate to what is really going on ,especially with the Strzok/Page recent testimony and just how much treason really transpired. Many of you will be very surprised to find out that a certain British intelligence agency is implicated in this also. It will also tie it all together and show you what to expect in the near future.
I won’t spoil it, watch the video but I will say it is going to be EPIC.

8 thoughts on “Want To Know What Is Really Going On?

    • Yeah , sorry. There is so damn much that has been happening that it is impossible to really short cut it.
      I know I usually hate it when someone posts something that long too and normally won’t watch it but this is REALLY worth watching in my opinion and will put you miles ahead of almost everyone.
      It is that point right there why I am recommending it.
      The better informed we all are, the better we can be prepared for what is coming and believe me, there is going to be so much happen so fast that you won’t be able to keep up. If you can get up to speed now you will be able to follow what is coming.


  1. I would like to believe that justice will be done. However, I do not. People should be in jail for the way they handled the Hillary server and uranium one deal. It is clear that Strzok is not a cooperating witness, nor will Rosenstein ever be impeached. It would take a 2/3 vote of the senate and democrats place party over country. These are like Nostradamus quatrains –they can mean almost anything you want.


    • people should be in front of firing squads–the punishment for treason.
      when jane fonda got away with it the door was open for all the roaches to start crawling out from under rocks.
      the communists have been at work here for decades, like the worm in the apple.
      they have it all in place and seem ready to make the big move.
      pray more.
      God will answer if we call out to Him.


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