It’s Just My Opinion

Like millions of other people, I have been watching with some interest as President Trump has been going around the world trying to do what he thinks is best for his employers.
That would be We, The People.
It’s really been something.

Like the title says, this is just my opinion, certainly your mileage may vary as they say.

I think Trump is a One Man Wrecking Crew when it comes to kicking these Globalists right in the teeth.

The man ain’t afraid of nothing and leaves a trail of wrecked Deep State plans and careers behind him wherever he goes.

I can honestly say that I have never witnessed anything like this in my 58 years on this rock.

I can’t point to any archetypal figure in modern history like him either. Hitler was pretty effective in his own sphere of influence but Trump’s reach is Global.

He is truly the most powerful man on the planet at this time and he is using every ounce of it, blowing peoples minds with his brazen take no prisoners strategy.

The Queen of England?

Meh, he made her wait, then pretty much said stand back while I stomp a mud hole in these weasel fucking politicians you have running the joint.

This is the way it’s gonna be and if you think different then just keep flapping your gums while I make it happen before your eyes.

The Asians know a Golden Dragon when they see one, the English just had Hurricane Trump rearrange their entire political spectrum in two fucking days.

European leaders already got their asses kicked and were all vying to see who could fill his To Go order on his way out.

It’s really quite incredible to watch all this happen in real time.

All of that was just his foreign policy.
He is still working small miracles here at home despite a non stop concerted effort to try and stop anything he wants to do plus the blatant media bias, the Democrats and the Far Left acting like murderous Howler Monkeys strung out on crack and even members of his own party are trying to stab him in the back.
Not to mention this Russian Collusion/Obama/Clinton/FBI hit job he is fending off all at once.
The fact that he is getting anything done at all just causes his detractors to have seizures and that alone is entertainment aplenty.
The next Presidential campaign for 2020 is about to kick off here very shortly so we can all expect even more Lefty insanity if you can even imagine such a thing. I want to know who their gonna sacrifice as a candidate.
I’m also gonna need more popcorn.

15 thoughts on “It’s Just My Opinion

  1. thank you for this. all i hear is second guessing even from those who voted for him.
    i hope he has been sent by God as the first broom in the sweeping clean of this bedeviled nation.

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  2. President Trump’s on a mission. He already made billions eclipsing the take of all the Washington D.C. Beltway Political club members put together and he’s established himself as a Mega-Celebrity along the way eclipsing the fame of all the whiney Hollywood freaks . He has nothing to lose but the bond with his “Deplorable” supporters and he’s strengthening that unbreakable bond every minute of every day. He’s having a ball driving the Liberal, hate filled Media dopes to the brink of drooling insanity……He’s literally MAGA-MANIAC! God Bless him!

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  3. I totally agree with you Phil. And I also second Deborah and Bogsides comments. Bravo, Mr. President, you magnificent bastard…………………..

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  4. Great post, Phil!
    President Trump is turning over the rocks in the Swamp and exposing the ugly creatures living there to the light of day. He is taking on the media, Hollywood, NATO, commies corruptocrats and libtards in general.
    Nobody has shook up the *World Order* like this for generations.
    And it’s about time…


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  5. The only U.S. Presidents who created as much uproar as DJT were Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. Some of the ex’s extended family members went to the same church as the Reagans, and they always, always, always arrived 15 minutes late. “See us, here we are, look at us.”

    Kinda flaky, if you ask me.

    Hollywood can do that to you, and that was where President Reagan came from.

    He also scared the bejabbers out of the Soviet leadership, and brought the Cold War to a peaceful end.

    Theodore Roosevelt? Well, he used to shoot targets in the White House garden, among his many other notable accomplishments. Also a populist, like DJT.

    DJT is doing a far better job than I ever could.

    OT, but did you see Squirmy Wormy Smirking Strzok? I can’t remember the last time I wanted to punch a grown man in the face so badly.


    • I hear ya. I wanted to see him light up a smoke and smirk. I’d have loved to have walked up and thrown a round kick to the mouth yelling “Boot to the Kool!”

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  6. I knew that the Democrats were going to fight Trump tooth and nail on anything and everything he tried to do. I never expected that his own party, the Republicans, would stab him in the back at nearly every turn, as they have done. From the border wall, that the people elected him to build, to getting completely rid of Obamacare, and putting something better in it’s place, they have been nothing but a piece of dog crap on the bottom of his shoe. The Republicans had 8 damn years to get a health care system ready to go to replace the Obamacare mess, and they just sat on their hands and so when Trump was elected, they did nothing. At least they had better make damn sure that the SCOTUS nominees from Trump get seated. That is something that has a lasting impact.


  7. You know, I voted for him because he was Not Hillary. I expected his term (one only) to be some sort of reality show but with a better setting (you’re not gonna beat the Oval Office as a soundstage). I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

    Think about it: two Supreme Court justices (with the prospect of ol’ Ruthie eloping with King Tut’s mummy, making it three), and then pardoning the Hammonds. And the thing with the Euros? Pure gold: “I can occupy your inbred country with a couple of divisions, but I choose to treat you well enough, for now.” Don’t think for a second that message wasn’t heard loud and clear over there.


    • While I can understand your sentiments, I do have to ask if you are aware of the fact that certain elements inside Mi5 conspired with certain elements in our own FBI to help cook up this Russian Collusion bullshit?
      Trump is very much aware of that fact.


    • I understand, and agree with you. Queen Elizabeth is a constitutional monarch – the real executive power in the UK is that May woman.

      One of my few objections to President Trump was the lack of diplomatic, statesmanlike bearing he displayed during his campaign.

      This defect is more than balanced out by the fearless, relentless manner in which he’s attacked the ‘Deep State’ here in the U.S.
      Take a good look at Strzok’s sneering, leering, squirming display and you’ll see what we elected President Trump to ruthlessly stamp out.

      For what it matters, my personal apologies to all of you in the UK for the snub to the Queen. We didn’t elect Mr. Trump for his good manners. Now, let’s get back to our everyday, humdrum routine, shall we?

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