Metal Mayhem is on the way.

Serious Fucking Metal.

The Wifely Unit texted me a bit earlier to let me know and I about sprained something digging in my ass pocket so fast to get my wallet out.


Slayer, Anthrax, Testament and Lamb of God.

Holy fucking shit.  Metal Nirvana.

Bonus, it’s Slayer’s Last Tour so you know that it’s going to be one to remember.

I’m gonna spend a small fortune on T shirts and shit.
It’s only a twenty minute drive from here.

August 23rd,  5:00 on a fucking Thursday, two days after our anniversary.

Fuck it, I’m taking the whole damn week off.

I already have two tickets printed out and sitting right next to me.

Double bonus, the wife wants nothing to do with it but she is paying for the tickets.

My anniversary present.

I am REALLY looking forward to seeing Lamb of God.
These fuckers know how to throw a party.

7 thoughts on “OH. FUCK. YES.

  1. Well shit, have fun ya old metal head! I am glad you are going, because, if they was counting on me to pay to listen to em, they would starve…


  2. It’s good to see someone be so happy instead of listening to the haters out there. Rock on and enjoy the show.


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