6 thoughts on “You Quickly Learn To Entertain Yourself When You Are Poor

  1. When I was a kid we did that to a friend of mine’s little brother in a old backhoe tire down a big hill. After about 500ft he veered off into a small pond(swamp really). He was seconds away from drowning fortunately we were able to drag him out of the tire. He said he was so dizzy he couldn’t figure up from down. We didn’t try that again


  2. We had some pretty clay-ey soil where I grew up. Rather than sniveled about having nothing to do, I got a bucket of water, and set about digging a little clay pit.

    A few hours later, I’d made myself a clay bust of George Washington. I oven-dried it (Mom would have had kittens if she’d caught me), painted it, and made a white wig for it from cotton balls.

    Give an imaginative man (or boy) a puddle of mud, and he’ll hand you a work of art.


  3. They aren’t poor, they’re lazy. Clean up your town. Start businesses.
    The only reason they aren’t as rich as Americans is attitude.
    It really pisses me off to see video from Haiti. It’s the same thing. People standing around goofing off in the middle of filth, doing nothing constructive.


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