Counter Strike

Trump just opened up a huge can of worms for the Dems to wrestle with.



There is now a huge amount of information on ALL of these subjects that has been dug up over on Qanon Research in the last several months and every. fucking. bit. of. it. has been archived off line.

Strzok was neatly caged and is now a cooperating witness against the Russian collusion story, Pizzagate has been dug on extensively and I predict will ultimately result in the most shocking and horrific evidence of crimes against children that will shock the entire world and have the biggest and farthest reaching  backlash the world has ever seen.

Uranium One is very ripe for picking and has also got some extensive revelations of it’s scope and breadth coming. There are a lot of very important people who were involved in that and a certain Mr. Mueller was one of them. You may have heard of him….

The Democrats have to be shitting their pants because all of it is going to start coming to light.

The Anwan brothers and their little scam came to an abrupt halt and Trumps people have the laptop and the server that supposedly went missing that contains the dirty little deeds  they did  and the evidence it was stored on.

Look for Debbie Wasserman Schultz to start having real problems in the future.


Grab ya some popcorn because all of the projection and deflection that has been going on is about to come home to roost and that one tweet could be the pebble that topples the dam.

20 thoughts on “Counter Strike

  1. They’ve gotten so good at the “dodge, duck, deny, delay” game that they seem to have forgotten that even the security details might just abandon them.

    The Roman Praetorian Guard, responsible for Caesar’s security, would whisper to him during public appearances – “Remember, Caesar, thou art mortal.”
    Gaius Germanic Caesar, known to history as Caligula, was killed by one of the Praetorian Guard.

    They can only get away with so much.


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