10 thoughts on “That Was Impressive

  1. OUCH!

    My first few years in Kommiefornia I hung around with the R/C modelers.

    Back in the early 80’s some of those model choppers cost about $4k all-up and ready-to-fly.

    Even now, they’re multi-thousand dollar model aircraft, so that crash is gonna put a BIG dent in the old checkbook!


  2. One of my childhood neighbors had a similar experience. His Dad purchased a gas powered control line airplane, the models which were attached to the ‘pilot’ with a pair of strings which controlled the air plane, flying in orbit around the pilot.

    So maiden voyage – we’re all looking at him jealous as hell while the pilot started the plane and got it off the ground. Spinning around, he became dizzy and had to stop, raising his hand above his head, which caused the stable elliptical orbit to be altered to become high and low, finally ending in a spectacular plane crash into ground. No way was that mutha going to get patched up and limp away – it was toast.


  3. Why I built only static models.

    The possibility of seeing all that work and attention to detail turn into a cloud of flying splinters and rags didn’t appeal to me at all.

    It was bad enough having the cats play ‘Cheesy Japanese Giant Monster Movie’ with my model planes & tanks.


    • I build and fly models. When I build, I build in threes, so one can be used as a sacrifice to the Dirt Gods. Sometimes the Tree Gods. I’ve even sieved one through a hurricane fence.


      • Some of these new ARF styrofoam rc planes are true enough to scale and cheap enough that I may look into it again. The airframe strength-to-weight ratio is such that crashes aren’t that big a deal.

        SBD Dauntless, anyone?


  4. My brother spent a pretty penny on a remote controlled helicopter. After a few minutes of his first flight, he crashed it, which required hundreds to repair.

    He tried it again, crashed it again, and sold it at a substantially lower price to a friend with less sense.


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