BREAKING, Scott Pruitt Resigns As EPA Head

That is all I am seeing so far. No reasons given at this time.


Scott Pruitt resigns as EPA administrator, Trump says


This story is developing. Please check back for updates.

5 thoughts on “BREAKING, Scott Pruitt Resigns As EPA Head

  1. I read a little bit about this earlier – too many good deals for friends and family, and the “I can do anything I want” syndrome devoured the common-sense and ethics centers of his brain.

    It happens.


  2. Sir: Pruitt indeed pulled more ethics boners than I could believe for his intelligence level. It appears that his arrogance is unsurpassed, save some of the antics of the interior secretary
    Zinke. A shame for sure, as both men have done a lot of great laudable stuff. See for the absolute BEST coverage and commentary on the nuts/bolts on the western US news.


  3. He was caught meeting with some energy company lobbyists behind closed
    doors and dinged for excessive “Personal” travels. This sort of stuff was the
    norm in the Obonzo administration, but Homey Trump don’t play that game.
    I remember one of Trump’s earliest cabinet appointments was forced to resign
    because he told VP Pence a lie during an interview. After the 8 year crime-
    spree that was the Obambam administration, seeing ethics in government
    is a very welcome sight. I think Ayn Rand was right about the “Pull Peddlers”
    and their inevitable corruption of government. What we need is a total ban
    on lobbyists. There will always corrupt politicians, but sitting on one’s ass
    while the bribers are lined up in your office is too easy. If a crooked politician
    wants to take a bribe, such a ban would at least make them work for it!

    If Felonia von Pantsuit had won the election the public would never had
    heard the news because there would be none.


    • When one of Al Capone’s flunkies attempted to bribe Treasury agent Elliot Ness, Ness informed him that the penalty for public officials caught taking bribes in the Roman Empire was to be sewn into a weighted leather bag with a wild animal and to then be thrown into a river.

      Maybe not such a bad idea.


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