Here Behind Enemy Lines On Independence Day

Fucking socialist cocksuckers around here anyways.

Since I had to work today I got off at 11 and headed home to be greeted by the strangest sight along the way.

We live in the very North east corner of Vancouver and the 4 lane road I go back and forth to work on that goes North and South is one of the borders of the city. There is an East/ West road one mile North of us that is also a border.

As I was headed North coming home, it looked like a war zone on the right side of the road and as I got closer to home, I could see the same thing in the distance straight ahead.

Fireworks going off all up and down the road but only on one side.

The Left side was dark and quiet.

That would be VanfuckingCouver, where the Commies finally got a total fireworks ban put on the books after twenty fucking years of hand wringing letters to the editor and pearl clutching fainting spells in the city council meetings.

When I say Total Ban, I mean not even fucking SPARKLERS!


All the way around that invisible line though, it is non stop bombardment.

When I got home the wife told me that her and her Niece saw one of the best fireworks shows she has ever seen, from the parking lot of WalMart just up the road from us and directly across the street from the city border line.

She said they watched it for over an hour and finally came home just when I was leaving work.

So all of the wimpy little cunts that can’t stand the noise are completely surrounded on two sides by absolute chaos, as it should be, while they and their little nervous dogs  sit quivering in their living rooms with piss running down their legs, plotting a way to get a ban in place for the heathens just across the fucking street.

Like I said, it took ’em twenty fucking years, because I can remember reading the sniveling mother fuckers letters to the editor clear back then but they finally got enough numbers of hive minded little bitches to put the pressure on the already Commie Leaning  California wannabe’s in city hall to fuck the rest of us.

So now I am behind enemy lines and I ain’t fucking liking it one fucking bit.

I know where this shit came from, it’s straight outta Kommiefornia.

The bastards slowly moved up the I-5 corridor and took over one little town after another until they hit pay dirt across the river over in Portland. From there they consolidated and leap frogged up to Seattle and completely took over that town.

In the mean time, in true California fashion, they spread out to all of the suburbs around Portland and Vancouver is just across a bridge.

How fucking convenient.

They drove the price of real estate sky high and then they started running for office.

I watched it happen in the little town of Washougal while I still lived there. It’s just 15 miles up river from Portland. In that time span, the population TRIPLED and the price of local housing DOUBLED.

It only took them fifteen years to completely change the demographic of this entire area of over a million and a half people.

So they completely fucked up California, then migrated like cockroaches and did us the same favor.

It literally goes from the Mexican border clear into Canada now, all along the Western side of Oregon and Washington. If you go anywhere 75 miles East of that narrow strip it is like being in another country.

Like it was before the invasion.

So now the Mexicans are driving even more of these assholes North. I seriously doubt the Libtard motherfuckers will venture any farther East because there is still a lot of real estate that they jumped over between Eugene and Seattle. I predict they will saturate that geographic area.

That leaves everything East of the Cascades.

Which is mostly high desert.

I want to get out of here so bad I can taste it.

My wife is like an anchor stuck on a reef.

Take my word for it though, I take every opportunity, such as this one, pointing out that it is very different just one mile away, to keep hounding her about getting the fuck out of here.

I ain’t a city boy to begin with but she can’t deal with the idea of not being as close as fucking possible to one.

It drives me up the fucking wall.


16 thoughts on “Here Behind Enemy Lines On Independence Day

  1. That’s their method worldwide it seems.
    One good example of their mindset over here is a highway crossing the periphery of Salzburg. Since Socialists, Greens and other Stalinists took over the regional government they enforce a speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour (regular Austrian speed limit is 130 kilometers per hour on highways).
    The reason given for enforcing that speed limit: ecology, keeping the air clean.
    After many years there’s ample evidence now that this limit (strictly controlled by radar and laser) has no effect at all on air quality.
    On might think they‘d scrap that speed limit – but no! They’ve now lowered that limit to 80 kilometers per hour.
    That’s their behavior…


    • They’ve discovered while lowering the speed limit doesn’t do anything for air quality, it does wonders for the budget.


      • Same bullshit, different excuse as the 55 mph speed limit we had to endure for way too long.
        Feel good legislation that is actually more harmful than what it was meant to fix.


    • wherever you go, make sure there is a decent hospital nearby.
      best way to move a person, ask God to do it and then sit back and watch.

      maybe one day that big fault will pop and the nuts will have their own island nation out in the pacific.


  2. I am from Canby, south of Portland and it got as bad as Phil describes. I loved going over to Bend or John Day or Malheur National Forest or Steens Mountain. I moved to South Idaho and the damn kommiefornias where even moving there. I am like Phil, I ain’t a city boy.


  3. Our neighborhood was so thick with fireworks it sounded like a battle going – only no chain guns, and no air support.


  4. Fuck this whole region anymore. I have no time for that commie bullshit. Thirty years ago this was a great place, and then the fucking Calis escaped and brought their mental illness with them. We’ve got six years before the bride can retire and then we’re the hell out of here. Maybe we can find a spot next to Wirecutter…


  5. It sounded like a free-fire zone here last night. There was a fireworks stand right down the street, and for the first time since 1970, I bought some fireworks and lit them off after sunset. Hot dogs, apple pie, vanilla ice cream. Good stuff.

    Fuzzbucket the Cat couldn’t have cared less about the explosions/gunfire/what have you. He didn’t even bat a whisker.

    Not everybody bailing out of the Glorious People’s Republic of Commiefornia is (KA-BOOM!!! Off in the distance! Somebody has leftovers!) a sniveling latte-sipper. Some are literally running for their lives (like me) from a State government that has literally gone insane.

    The drug cartels have their hooks into the State and local gov’ts pretty deep, and I made the mistake of refusing to let them use my digs as a ‘drop’. As a consequence, they opened up the gates of Hell on me.

    I escaped, after a lot of misery.

    Sparklers and Roman candles – things that go ‘boom’ – like that tannerite stuff, are just what the doctor ordered.

    Screw those pinko fruitcakes. I’ll have to wait for the good Lord’s justice to be done on them, because I won’t go back there, not even in a box or a jar.


  6. I hear ya, pal. I lived over 35 years in McAllen on the Mexican border in south Texas, and that has now become a hotspot of immigration protest. 28 days until we close on our house, and I am forever done with that shithole.
    Do you own your home? If so, look into real estate values, and see if you could get out from your debt by selling. Are you old enough to retire? Do you have 401k or other retirement? If any of these are possible, I urge you to look into it. There are small acreages here in the Texas hill country that are expensive, yet reasonable.
    I’ve seen your massive inventory of tools and equipment. A man with your talents could make some decent money on the side…even with retirement income. I gotta warn ya, it don’t rain much, and when it does, it’s a real turd floater.


  7. Not everybody fleeing Kommiefornia is a lib. Some of us liberty-minded folks lived there, too. Took us several years to plan and execute our exfil, but we made it out of there.

    Great fireworks show put on by the city last night. Very few being set off around here, but then the fire danger level is pretty high here now, and people here have enough common sense to not tempt fate.

    And I didn’t hear a single gunshot. Last year Long Beach sounded like a war zone. There was a continuous roar coming from the North Long Beach / Compton direction and it went on from about 4pm to 2am.


  8. We escaped Californicate over 2 years ago. We did not fit in there. We fit much better where we moved to. Sitting on the porch, watching the fireworks across the valley was wonderful. The weather is harsher and the good people here are tougher for it. I am grateful that we have been accepted as much as we have been.
    I miss the hog hunting, duck hunting, and fishing the ocean. That is about it.
    I hope you land in a spot that’s good for your soul, if that makes any sense to you.
    A belated Happy Independence Day to you all.


  9. I have a cousin in Vancouver and unfortunately she is one of those you mention. Even though she has lived there for 30 years she has the California mentality. Must be because she is a school teacher. A cousin in Morton and another in Tacoma counteract her voting habits. I am currently stranded in the Peoples Republic of Kahlfornication. I have 6 more years to survive in the occupied territory. A friend recently escaped to Cody,Wy. He managed to sneak in and won’t admit where he came from. I am developing a plan to do the same.I’ll never admit where I’m from.


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