A Couple Of Reasons Why This 4th of July Is A Little Extra Special



Fuck that bitch and anyone stupid enough to support her.

If she had won we would be in the middle of a shooting war by now.

Instead, she is completely fucked and it is a matter of time until all of her crimes catch up to her.

And just in case that wasn’t reason enough for every patriotic American to throw another dog on the BBQ, today is also the day that this traitorous piece of shit is supposed to give up his seat down in Arizona,

No Name

One step closer to the end for that cocksucker.

It can’t come soon enough.


So enjoy your 4th my friends.

I’m going in to work today to make a few extra shekels.

They aren’t shutting down even though today is a paid holiday and they want someone to be there from maintenance just to keep an eye on things.

Hopefully it will be a gravy shift, we shall see when I get there.

Since we don’t have any kids around anymore we didn’t have any plans anyway and the wife reminded me the other day that I worked the 4th last year too.


9 thoughts on “A Couple Of Reasons Why This 4th of July Is A Little Extra Special

  1. I worked for 35 years in a steel making foundry. I did enough of my share of holiday shifts, also. So I wish you an easy day, although if my experience is any indicator, it will be either a piece of cake, or a nightmare from hell.
    Either a piece of cake, with few of the big wig bosses around to fuck with you, so all you have to do is your job, or a nightmare from hell, where the engineers or the big wigs have a better idea and want to try to change things, while still doing production, and of course do so on a holiday. So you end up not only trying to do your normal job, in my case making steel for remelt sales, but also try to make the on the fly changes that the bosses want to try, for whatever reasons, that you try to tell them you have tried 20 some years ago, and found that they are not going to work. Then you go back and try to salvage what is by now a fucked up mess, and make 20,000 pounds of sellable, correct chemistry alloy, before the bosses get back from their long lunch, and decide to start fixing things again.
    It seems like from those that I have spoken to in other industries, the stories the same, only the names change to protect the stupid. In all of my time at that place, myself and a few other guys had things pretty much down to where things worked. From time to time, a new metallurgist or supervisor would come in, and try and save money or time, and re-do everything that we had done decades before, and found didn’t work. We always ended up going back to what we were doing, but only after several months of disaster and angry feelings, and wasted expense.
    Have a good day, and I hope it is easy, and stay safe and cool.


    • 100% accurate way to find out your boss is an incompetent, ill-educated asshole. If he/she/it has a business degree. Double down on every negative trait possible if he/she/it has a Masters in business.

      Never fails. Good managers get replaced by ‘business degree’ managers.


  2. Worked plenty of holidays, weekends, and odd shifts in my career. I usually volunteered for it so others could be with their families, and sometimes I just “got stuck with the duty”.

    Hope your shift is uneventful.


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