Please Make This Happen Mr. President

Correct this travesty of justice and then sic the DOJ on the reasons behind this whole mess.


Rep. Walden says President Trump ‘seriously considering’ pardon of Eastern Oregon ranchers

PORTLAND, Ore. – Oregon Rep. Greg Walden had a phone call with President Trump Saturday about pardoning the two ranchers whose prison sentences sparked the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Father and son Dwight and Steven Hammond have been in a federal prison since 2016 after they were re-sentenced to the five-year minimum for an arson conviction.

The Hammonds initially asked for clemency from President Barack Obama, and their request regained traction under President Trump.

Rep. Walden, R-Hood River, said he received a call Saturday evening from the president, who said he is “seriously considering” a pardon. You can read Walden’s full statement below.

The Hammonds were convicted by a jury in 2012 of setting fire to rangeland close to their ranch near Burns, Ore. The fire burned approximately 129 acres.

A federal judge initially sentenced Dwight to three months and Steven, one year in prison, with three years of post-prison supervision each.

However, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the more lenient sentences at the urging of the U.S. prosecutors, saying the ranchers had to complete the full five-year mandatory minimum terms for arson required by federal law, reasoning that “given the seriousness of arson, a five-year sentence is not grossly disproportionate to the offense.”

Full statement from Rep. Walden:

“Late Saturday afternoon, President Trump called me to say he is ‘seriously considering’ pardoning Dwight and Steven Hammond. The sentencing of Dwight and Steve Hammond to five years in federal prison is unjust. Period. Federal Judge Michael Hogan agreed, when he used his discretion to apply more appropriate sentences, calling the mandatory minimum sentence for this case something that would ‘shock the conscious.’ Multiple editorial boards across Oregon have concurred.

“Prosecutorial overzealousness by the federal government under the Obama Administration ignored Judge Hogan’s judicial discretion, and doubled down, forcing them to serve a mandatory minimum sentence established for terrorists.

“President Trump can right this wrong. I again strongly urged the President to administer the justice that is long overdue for these eastern Oregon ranchers by granting them a pardon so that they can get back to Harney County and their families.”

Clear off their records and then go after the bastards that allowed this kangaroo court sentencing too.

There is a lot to this entire twisted  story but if you dig deep enough it all goes directly to the Uranium 1 scandal and the attempted land grabs by the Obama administration.

The government has been trying to push these people off the land for years.

One more nail in Hillary’s coffin.

3 thoughts on “Please Make This Happen Mr. President

  1. Heresy! Burn the heretics!

    Everybody knows that only the Federal Government and real estate developers can damage the environment!

    The thing is, grasslands grow back stronger and healthier after a fire. That 129 acres is prime grazing land now, and Uncle Fed, being the mindless dog-in-a-manger that he is, probably won’t let the local ranchers graze their livestock there. Reminds me of my kids when they were three years old.

    “Mine! You can’t play with it! Mine!”


  2. People keep forgetting the icing on that turdcake: the Hammonds set a back fire because BLM was conducting a controlled burn that, naturally, got out of control. If they hadn’t acted, they would’ve lost their house, outbuildings, everything.



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