Well That’s A Relief

So, according to Q earlier this evening, we don’t have to worry about that Civil War that I swear has been going on the past several years nor should we be worried about North Korea going back on their word about their nuclear plans.


There will be no civil war.

Coordinated MSM hysteria designed to instill fear – change narrative.

NK is NOT advancing their weapons program.

Coordinated MSM hysteria designed to instill fear – change narrative.



OK, North Korea I can neither confirm or deny.

That Civil War thing I can only assume means there won’t be a shooting war according to them.

Because as we all can testify to, The Left is fucking begging for it.

There is probably an equal number on The Right who would be more than happy, nay anxiously waiting to, give it to them.


Supposedly, something else I can’t confirm, this ANTIFA movement has been compromised hard by Military Intelligence so they can be taken down when TPTB deem the time is ripe.

Yadda Yadda Yadda.

It’s  hard to decide which flavor of smoke I prefer blown up my ass I guess.

The way I see things currently causes me to think that all of the ammo I have put away is probably a very good insurance policy at this point.

I for DAMN SURE have no desire to be any part of a shooting war and anyone who has fantasies about participating in one in the near future is not anyone I want to be around.

Fuck That.

On the other hand, as badly as The Left has been agitating for one, I’m not going to be stuck standing around with my thumb in my ass just in case they get their wishes fulfilled in a very nearby location, if you get what I’m saying here.

Everything I have is geared towards Self Defense.


I’m no wannabe shootist, I’m a wannabe left the fuck alone.

If Q team thinks they have it under control then I can chill with that.

If they don’t, all bets are off and I predict that if shooting and other warfare type activities do start up that it won’t be some long drawn out affair.

Your opinion may differ from mine, I’m just going by the evidence I can see.



5 thoughts on “Well That’s A Relief

  1. From several of the videos I have seen, Antifa is quite puffed up and froggy as long as they are the one’s doing the pushing. I have seen what happens when they push into something that pushes back. Suddenly the men wanna be’s in the masks start acting like french toddlers who have been told “No” and given a swat on the behind. They cry about how unfair it all is, while pointing at others and screaming “it’s their fault”. As satisfying as it is watching the painful lessons being taught to spoiled children, it is obvious that these spoiled children might be too old to be able to learn and change their behavior. Like you said, I do not have stocks of things needed for an emergency because I want that emergency to happen, but I will NOT leave my family, home and myself defenseless should an emergency come to pass. We have far to many people in our country and even in our political royalty who seem dead set on getting their base to puff up and get froggy. I just hope that if it does happen, that those at the top of the political elites who have pushed their base to act, will be swept up and consumed in the resulting horror.

    Be kind to the life you have been Blessed with,


    I like the way Gen Mattis put it,

    We come in peace and we are begging for them to not get froggy, but if you do…

    I have sworn to protect and defend my country, my family. And that oath never expires.

    MSG Grumpy


  2. “I’m no wannabe shootist, I’m a wannabe left the fuck alone.”

    Brother, I couldn’t have said it better.


  3. It’s like I said before – I’m too old for this.

    However, I think that Q’s lost focus. The war began a long time ago, IMO. The Vegas sniper who opened fire on the concertgoers, all the cops killed by the BLM clowns (“What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!”),
    Steve Scalise getting shot, the list goes on and on.

    There won’t be any tank armies, air raids, or artillery barrages. It’s not like that. It’s a constant, low-intensity, slow-motion, gnawing war – somewhat like dealing with the VC in Nam. The guy or gal you buy cigs from in the day is cutting your brake lines at night. We’re fighting rats, not grizzly bears, metaphorically speaking.

    Just because it’s practically invisible doesn’t mean it’s not real. Remain vigilant.


  4. Most of that crap will happen in the cities. You know, those places that won’t let you defend yourself.

    And when it comes to Antifa vs. Big City Liberals, I’m trying to figure out a way to have both sides lose.


  5. Will the NORKs “denuclearize” or start WWIII…..who knows. Will the current ugliness displayed in Portland, Berkeley etc. evolve into an actual Civil War….again, nobody can say for sure. The ONLY thing that can be accurately predicted is whatever is coming will have a large serving of the ‘UNEXPECTED’ as part of it. So keep your powder dry, your barrels clean and your foodstocks safe. Anything is possible and whatever that anything is will probably be unpleasant.


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