Antifa Still Fighting In Portland Oregon.

Well,  they were trying to
Here’s another instant classic to go along with the one of that bitch getting smacked in the face last year.
I do mean, instant, classic.

Heh, I found a slow motion loop for your viewing entertainment.

10 thoughts on “Antifa Still Fighting In Portland Oregon.

  1. I flattened somebody like that just once in my entire life. I didn’t want to, but they guy just wouldn’t leave me alone.

    Been seeing more people wearing red and black lately. Stupid. There’s lots of active-duty military and veterans living around here – not all the vets are physical wrecks like me.

    If there’s got to be fighting, I hope it’s short, sharp, and brutal. Let’s get this shit over with.


  2. The thing with this whole scene is that the Prayer people are purposely taunting these Antifa idiots, have been for over a year now and the cops ain’t liking either side but they tend to lean towards the Antifa idiots because of the political views of Portland’s City Hall.
    This was pretty much the most violent to date. The cops dispersed the crowd and then they formed up and marched again anyway.
    If these punks are using chunks of pipe as this video seems to prove, there is going to be hell to pay if someone gets seriously hurt or even killed by one of these masked thugs.
    They should have arrested that Antifa dude the second he came to and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to cause great bodily harm.
    That one is good for 20 years if I recall correctly.
    Besides that, I’m sure the guy can be identified and the guy that knocked him the fuck out should be pressing charges so that it can’t be swept under the rug by the cops.
    Just my $.02.

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    • City Hall holds the cops by the paycheck. It’s hard to tell where the cop’s hearts and minds are, but it just doesn’t make sense that the rank-and-file policemen would willingly side with Communists and anarchists.

      Seattle’s rank-and-file cops are reportedly getting sick of City Hall pushing the left-wing agenda. They’re quitting their jobs rather than put up with Kshama Savant’s idiocy.

      Prince Max of Baden said, when he was forced to abdicate his throne in 1918:

      “Fine. Now you can handle all this shit yourselves!”


  3. Same shit, same tactics, same brainless chaots: it’s a worldwide phenomenon in every predominantly white country. That can’t be a coincidence and has to be organized and financed by someone.
    Hungary just threw out all Soros-financed NGO’s and you can rest assured that there won’t be anymore Antifa there within a year.


  4. Nice punch!!

    Did you notice the chick in the black sleeveless T-shirt manages to hold onto her cigarette the entire time? Well, we know what she considers important.


  5. I guess Antifa’s think that those black bandana’s not only hide their faces from view, but also from punches. Sometimes it takes an object lesson, delivered at the point of a fist, to learn the truth. I bet when that little weenie woke up, he knew never to try that shit again. Lesson learned.


  6. I have watched this video at least a dozen time before I saw the slow motion. It answered my question, a shit-for-brains with a pipe or rebar swings and gets his clocked cleaned with a punch.


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