Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy To Retire At The End Of July

That strange sound you just heard echoing across the country was the sound of millions of Liberal assholes slamming shut all at once.


Justice Kennedy to retire, Trump can solidify court’s majority conservative bloc


WASHINGTON — Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy announced Wednesday that he will retire at the end of next month, preparing the way for the most significant change in the court’s makeup in half a century.

The vacancy will allow President Donald Trump to make the U.S. Supreme court a solidly conservative body for years, if not generations, to come — a towering legacy of his time in office.

Kennedy’s departure on July 31, which had been rumored for the last year, could also put in doubt the future of a nationwide right of access to abortion.

“Justice Kennedy was the most important member of the court in a century, maybe ever,” said Tom Goldstein, a Washington lawyer who argues frequently before the court and publishes the SCOTUSblog web site.

Kennedy turns 82 in July and is the court’s second-oldest justice. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85.

This might explain the mysterious visit by Bader-Ginsburg to the House side of the chambers the other day.



With Kennedy going, Trump can affect decisions of the Supreme Court to  a more Conservative viewpoint.

If this shriveled up old bag of crazy goes soon enough he can virtually lock it down for a generation or two.


She needs to go to and she will,

One way or another.



Suck on that you Lib fucking bastards.


Winning, more is good.

13 thoughts on “Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy To Retire At The End Of July

  1. abortion will not become illegal….at least not in all 50 states. liberal states like N.Y., Calif., Hi, and a few others will ensure that any slut who doesn’t want to pay the piper for her party can still get rid of her “mistake”. she may just have to travel some to do it.
    note to self…buy stock in greyhound.


  2. don’t celebrate yet. the libs can hold confirmation off until November, then cheat the election and block the nominee for two more years. turtlehead mitch promised a vote b4 November. I have my doubts it’ll go off by then. and then you have traitorous rinos looking to trade their vote for 20 pieces of silver to contend with. not a done deal by a long shot. I just hope I live long enough to see the old bat Ginsburg choke on her own bile. sic semper tyrannis.


    • I have to say, that ship has sailed. The libs fucked up when they made the Republicans get rid of the filibuster over Gorsuch and made it just a simple majority to get approval by the Senate for a SCOTUS Justice. So now, instead of having to fight both fights this time, Trump can name an even more conservative judge, and the left will scream, but they have not a prayer to stop it. And don’t think for a second that the Republicans are going to wait until after the election to see if they still control the Senate to vote on this justice. You can bet it will happen by the end of September. That is what happens with Chuck Schumer being such a short sighted leader. I can still hear the Democrats crying over Kennedy quitting and letting Trump make the appointment. You can bet that was done on purpose.


      • Now if The Reaper will just show up on Buzzy Ginsberg’s doorstep like he was supposed to… What is that pussy afraid of anyway??


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