Just A Heads Up

The Civil War that has been been waged so quietly behind the scenes is a very real thing. I have been telling people about it for years now.

The political aspect of this has been coming to a head for quite some time now and if you are the type of person who needs proof then look at this text.


Just another salvo in the battle, right?

So in response to that, our little mystery friend Q posted this message directed squarely at the Socialist/ Deep State lackeys ;

If you continue to proceed down this dangerous path only know that we are prepared.

You should know this based on earlier drops re: SA / Nat Guard / MIL Assets activate US soil.

The game is over when the public knows.

The fight to keep the LIGHTS OFF is all that matters to you.

You will FAIL.


You lost CONTROL.


You underestimated their resolve and their ability to free-think away from the pipeline narrative.

We will DECLAS.

We will shine LIGHT.


No amount of money, influence, or power can stop this.

Our rights to secure and protect at all costs then become justified.

We stand at the ready.





You did see that part about National Guard/  military assets activating on US soil, right?

Trump has already set the stage for this to happen legally as a matter of national security.


Get your shit together people, this is the most direct warning I have ever seen.

If they can’t get these cabal assholes to back off voluntarily then TS is gonna HTF at high velocity.

Personally, I don’t think these evil motherfuckers are going to even blink an eye because this is a fight to the death now and all bets are off.

The gloves are about to come off and it’s going to be game on here real shortly.

Keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel.

False Flag attacks are the Deep States weapon of choice and trust me, they watch what Q has to say like a starving man watching someone make a sandwich.

They got the fucking message.


Be prepared for fireworks.

10 thoughts on “Just A Heads Up

  1. Being a former SOCOM/SPECOPS specialist/trainer, I have been ready. Have kept pretty quiet, stocked up on ammo, and supplies. Have all I need to fight back. Awaiting the first threats to emerge, and then we will execute set plans for removal of enemies of the state…. with prejudice. It will not be pretty, but will be short and to the point….
    That’s all for now… stay tuned…. be prepared, be vigilant…. semper vigilante!!!

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  2. They pushed and pushed and pushed, and we fell back slowly, or we didn’t push back, because we’re the better people.

    What did they think we’d do when they pushed too far? Go away?

    Don’t like this. Don’t want this. I won’t like what is coming. They have only a few more opportunities to repent, to pull back.

    They screamed about God-Emperor Trump? This is how they’ll get God-Emperor someone. And it won’t be Hildabeast or any other Soros-funded rat-fink. (Personal feelings are that Trump has as strong a sense of citizenship as Washington.)


  3. ‘Bout fuckin time! Throw on some Judas Priest Painkiller and some Pantera and let’s get this moshpit of violence and freedom swirling! Do not stop it until the DeeP State and it’s minions are pulled out of the ground and burned to ashes.


  4. A word of advice for anyone stacking ammo: Of course, you’re doing the right thing – the stuff doesn’t spoil or go out of style, so the worst that could happen is that your kids or grandkids will shoot it. But buy the right type for the type of festivities that appear to be more likely as time passes by: hunting ammo. Yeah, FMJ for your semi-auto is just fine and dandy for practice, and you won’t exactly improve someone’s health if you hit them with it after it exits the barrel of your firearms at X hundreds or thousands of FPS, BUUUUT FMJ has a higher probability than expanding (HP or flat point) ammo of just making a pencil-thing line through meat. Again, that’s not going to improve anyone’s health, but it might not stop them from attacking you and yours. HP coming at them at 3,000 FPS is damned near guaranteed to increase business at the local funeral home.

    Just sayin’.


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