An Absolute MUST WATCH. Spread This Around!

If you want to know what’s been going on, what is going on and what is going to be going on, watch this whole 14 minute video.
The Deep State is going down and it is time for the people of the world to know what has been going on behind the scenes and get ready for the battle to come out of the shadows and into their living rooms.

This is what the Q phenomenon is about from beginning to end and why Donald Trump was asked by our military intelligence to run for president.
The Storm is upon us, Trust the plan, The Final Phase has begun.

8 thoughts on “An Absolute MUST WATCH. Spread This Around!

  1. A question: Where can I find verification and more information that President Trump was asked by military and or Intelligence people to run for office? I’ve seen this mentioned a few places but have not found links to flesh it out.

    A comment: This video seems overly comforting imo. Revelation/Apocalypse tell us that the forces of evil will be winning overwhelmingly right up to the coming/return of Messiah Christ. Whether or not you identify as a believer or not we both see the same pattern of evil. The “deep state,” funded, therefore controlled, by the world’s bankers will not hesitate to push the button. They have their bunkers. They think they’ll survive. They know some few of us peasants will too, so they’ll have servants upon emerging.

    Thanks V.C. and readers.


    • I don’t know anything about who made the video but I can tell you that it was made this way purposely for consumption by “Normies” who aren’t “Woke” yet and have no idea any of this has been going on.
      Q has stated directly that if everyone knew the details of some of the more horrific crimes that have been committed that it would “put 90% of people in the hospital”
      and that even with the amount of transparency being offered that they are only going to let us know about 40% of it ” for the sake of humanity”.
      We are talking about child trafficking, ritual child sex abuse, sacrifice and possibly even cannibalism involving children here. That is only a part of it but that part alone involves some of the most important public figures in the entire world.
      The heavily redacted OIG report dropped a bombshell when it disclosed “Crimes against children” involving the Clinton Foundation and the MSM ignored it like they farted in church.
      That’s because those dirty bastards are into this up to their necks and are a large part of the problem.
      “Q” is not just one person. It is a group of people in Trumps inner circle and from what I gather, this has been in the works for at least 13 years which would put it square in the middle of G.W. Bushes term.
      Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and please spread the word.

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  2. The truth is stranger than you know. There is a facet to all this corruption that is outside the ordinary 9 – 5 world.

    Seen it, up close and personal.
    Fought against it, in the only way I know.

    I’m pretty tired. There’s a limit to how much heartbreak a man can stand. I hope it ends soon.


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