Just In Case You Thought I Was Kidding The Other Day

You remember, when I said I needed an intervention because I am such a Pack Rat and have too much crap?

Yeah, about that.

Last weekend I got a text out of the blue from my Uncle, who now lives down the road from that last Bundy fiasco. Points way the fuck East of here.

He and my Aunt had a huge place over East of Portland with 5 acres, a huge ass barn and another large two story building that was used for orchard operations way the hell back in the day.

About nine years or so abouts, I need a place to store some of my shit in a big hurry so I packed a few TRUCK LOADS over there and put it in that building.

Over the years, I went back over there and hauled it all back out, except for a couple of items.

The text was to inform me that they had sold the place and if I wanted my shit back this was my last chance.

A couple of items…

Like this fucking generator and this aluminum step cart, full of crap.



Both of which are a bit valuable.

The generator ran great and I had just built the trailer for it, bought brand new wheels and tires for it, put the fuel tank on it and it had a brand new battery on it.

It had come out of a POS RV that I was living in before I got married again and is a 4 KW Onan.

Those ain’t cheap all by themselves.

The cart is a genuine Rol Away  Truck brand stocking cart and I almost choked a couple of years ago when I looked up what they cost new.

Anywhere from $750 to over $ 1,000!

So yeah, I wanted to get that shit back.

I fired up the old Caballero after putting some air in a flat tire and headed over there.

It took 3 of us to roll that fucking generator up in the back of it after we finally found something strong enough to use as a ramp.

Some half rotted chunks of 1/2 inch plywood with some plastic buckets stuffed under them where they were going to bow and break in half. It worked, barely.

That fucking gen set on that trailer weighs three hundred pounds if it weighs an ounce.

I did get it balanced good though so it isn’t wanting to tip over when you pick up the tongue.

Of course it flattened the suspension on the old GMC unit but it ain’t the first time and probably won’t be the last.

Then drive like an old fucker back home through Portland traffic with construction all over and get the damn thing back out!

I have that little 1 ton Horror Fright hoist and some nylon lifting straps and after some creative rigging, lifted the heavy little bastard up, yanked like a thirsty mule towards a creek and yarded the fucker out and back far enough to set it on the ground.


All well and good.

I was amazed the tires weren’t flat after all those years but it had been in a nice dry barn so the thing ain’t in too bad a shape over all.

Of course that new battery is fucked. I’ve had it on a trickle charger for 36 hours and it still is only at ten volts when I shut it off.

It’s got water in it and it was brand fucking new so I am going to just let it sit and charge. If it don’t work I ain’t gonna worry about it.

There wasn’t but about a half a cup of bad fuel/varnish in the bottom of the tank, the electric fuel pump and the carb are probably going to need cleaning out.


So, now,  where am I supposed to put this shit?


I opened up a hole just big enough right behind that orange extension cord.


Now in this whole little tale I’m telling here, you will notice that I haven’t mentioned The Wifely Unit, yet.

Oh yeah, she about shit a ring around herself when I showed up with this load.

I just smiled at her and told her that she is lucky I don’t have a bigger truck.

My Uncle was trying to give me a huge walk behind 8 horse rototiller that he couldn’t take with him too.

For those who have been reading for a while already know, I still have that antique 5 horse walk behind tractor quietly rusting away out in the garden tool shed that I haven’t even looked at in a year.


Yeah, I have too much shit.

I could live to be 100 and never get all these projects finished. Notice that Sprite is still sitting there mocking me.

So my plan is to get this fucking generator running and stick it on Craigslist for about $350-400 and then forget about it.

It would be perfect for someone who hunts, a Prepper or a Homesteader because you could bolt a hitch of your choice or just a ring on it and drag it around with either a Four Wheeler or even a Garden Tractor. The thing would power up a small house easily.

In the mean time there is more shit in my way and something has to go.

It’s time to stop the madness.

12 thoughts on “Just In Case You Thought I Was Kidding The Other Day

  1. even if you miraculously received a warehouse, you would soon have it full.
    may be an addiction?
    many of us have a similar problem and i was raised by people who went through a depression and a world war.
    waste not want not.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are right, soon I would need a bigger warehouse.
      I was practically raised by my Grandparents, who were from the South and grew up during the Depression.
      My Grandfather was also a Millwright and a tinkerer who always had piles of crap laying around he built stuff from.
      I come by it honestly but it can be a curse also.


  2. The Sprite, the Sprite — just give it away, then start selling some things. You’ll have room to work on some some projects and some “found” money to play with.


  3. The size of the storage does not matter, I accumulate 10% more stuff than I have room for. Good luck!
    Take pictures & put the Sprite on craigslist, just remember to redo the ad every week or so, eventually someone will buy it.


  4. A buddy of mine has the same problem (too much stuff, not enough floor space). He had a half-attic in his garage/man cave, packed full of ‘stuff’ and one fine morning at around 2 a.m., the beams supporting the half-attic said, “Fuck This” and gave way.
    If he’d been in there, he’d have been killed.
    There comes a point when you don’t own your property, it owns you. Sounds like you’re at that point.

    I’m not saying that you should chuck it all and go live in a cave in the mountains; I’m saying that you might take a look at what stuff you use regularly, how much time you really have for those many ‘projects’, how long you really expect to live, and what, exactly, is truly worth doing in the time that is left to you.

    Your call.


  5. Moving from SoCal to Colorado was the best thing that’s happened to me because it forced me to go through Every Single Thing I Own and dump about half of it.

    And yeah, I still managed to bring some useless shit with me, and tossed/gave away stuff I’m crying for now.


  6. Kenny get the unit running good and give me a call , I will give you $300 for it. Would like to see the Bronco anyway. Alvin 45


    • Kenny?
      You have me mixed up with Wirecutter?
      Anyway, I’m hoping to get it going this weekend after doing a rear brake job on the wife’s rig. If I do, I will post about it.



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