Only If Ya Gotta Go Bad

Occasions like half time at a game or a break at a concert maybe you will see them all being used, otherwise it’s Back The Fuck Off.

guy thing

5 thoughts on “Only If Ya Gotta Go Bad

  1. Haven’t been there for awhile. Might be upgraded. But at Wrigley Field in Chicago there were long oval galvanized tubs for urinals that allowed 360 degree access. Got to look at all the guys across from you while you whizzed.


  2. When I was in the service 55 years ago the shitters were lined up like you see in the movie Full Metal Jacket. It’s always a hoot sittin’ in a room with 15 guys taking a dump and grunting the “Anvil Chorus” within view.


  3. I was at a Pink Floyd concert at the Alamodome in ’94. During intermission, after consuming several large glasses of Bud, I went to the men’s room during intermission, and found no less than 20 urinals, with no fewer than 20 guys in line at each one; all waiting patiently for their turn.


  4. In 76 at Marine boot camp, we would have been 24 at a time at those urinals. 40+ bodies all trying to go with a 2 minute countdown, you get close and watch your aim.


  5. 10 years ago the manufacturing plant at which I work as a desiner/draftsman added onto the engineering dept. including new elimination rooms which included 3 urinals configured as the photo. And a rather curious engineering manager. We requested and eventually received dividing walls. It is a much more comfortable place nowdays. Just saying.


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