Dammit, I’m Running Out Of Teeth!


Criminy, I had to have another one pulled yesterday and still have one more up front  to go that had already been broken, they put a pin in it and a crown on it and THAT fucker broke off last year.

Of course it broke off right at the gum line so they are going to have to dig that fucker out which means I have at least one more tooth pulling joy ride in the dentists chair to look forward to.

Yay, I’m really looking forward to that.

There wasn’t a damn thing wrong with the one they pulled yesterday. Didn’t hurt, worked OK but the last dentist showed me an X-ray last Summer that showed that the bone of my upper jaw had disintegrated from around it so it wasn’t attached to anything anymore.

I had been working on that bitch for two weeks trying to get it loose enough to pull myself but no dice. It yarded out a chunk of my gum when it came out even though it was so fucking loose it was basically just flopping around in there.

It was on the upper right, right behind my canine.

So, since I already had both upper and lower teeth on that side missing from right behind that one,on both fucking sides,plus the two back lower molars they broke off and yanked out on that side a month or so ago, now I have just two fucking teeth on the right side.

Both of them are upper molars and one of those fuckers has been broke for a long time.

That means I can’t chew a fucking thing on the right side anymore because there ain’t no molars on the bottom at all.

I’m just loving getting old.

Damned if I know what I am going to do about getting some kind of chompers back there yet, probably a partial.

Whatever the hell is the cheapest for damn sure.

19 thoughts on “Dammit, I’m Running Out Of Teeth!

  1. you have joined my club. i have a partial but don’t wear it much. got it because one effect of losing too many teeth is lack of nutrition from lack of chewing and i don’t want to become a burden to my child.
    i remember my toothless uncle tom eating an apple using his jack knife to sheer off the meat in such a way that it was apple sauce. no malnutrition for him!


  2. What with the recent advances in medical technology, I’m surprised that they can’t ‘trick’ the body into growing a new set of gnashers, or implant animal teeth into your gums.

    More than a few of my teeth have broken, and what’s left is in marginal condition.

    I’d like to have a set of horse’s teeth bolted in there – smile pretty!


  3. I remember seeing an article awhile ago about a funeral home that had a clothes basket full of false teeth…maybe you can ask around and get a good deal.


    • A biker friend of mine was attending a fancy party with his nurse then girlfriend. A doctor he was talking to complimented him on his nice teeth and smile. He replied, like you, that it was easy. You just go to the funeral home. They have a jar of them there. You just try them out until you find a set that fits. Heh.


  4. I’ve got two broken molars on the bottom. One each, left and right.

    They both had ancient fillings in them, and that where they cracked….

    Last dentist in Long Beach quoted me around $22k, but that included a bunch of other work that I don’t think is necessary, as it’s all cosmetic.

    CSU has a dental college here, so I wonder if they use “training patients”…..


    • My mom had two capped teeth that had been broken down from a bridge replaced by implants over the winter. She managed to negotiate the price down to 4 grand from six g’s as she was paying cash. Thank God my folks had some savings. She likes the implants.


  5. I had a bunch of work done at San Freakcisco State’s dental school before I had to refugee from Commiefornia. The price was right – about $3000 for what would have cost eight times as much on the market.

    I still need some drilling and blasting done.


  6. I really don’t know why Dentists and Orthodontists charge so damn much for this procedure? It ain’t like they are spending months rebuilding you… I think they like being filthy rich off of us poor slobs.


  7. I have great teeth. Lousy gums and jaws from gingivitis. My bad. I have lost the the rear upper molars in my upper jaw. Pulled for gum disease. My two bottom wisdom teeth were pulled by an oral surgeon as the were too far into my jaw for my dentist to attempt. He had to cut them in two front to back as the roots were entwined. Found out that day the novacaine has no effect on my right jaw. After 10 shots to no effect the doctor told me he didn’t know what to do as I had been in the chair too long to put me under. I told him to just get it done because I wasn’t coming back.so he did. The worst part was the smell from the saw. And the pain. I had quit smoking by then. But dam did I want a smoke after that.


  8. The picture you used looks a bit like the one from this:
    A desperate looking woman stood poised on the edge of a high bridge, about to jump off.

    An old homeless guy who was wandering by stopped and said, “Look, since you’ll be dead in a few minutes anyway, and it won’t matter to you one iota, how about a quickie before you go?”

    She screamed, “NO! Git lost you dirty old man!”
    He shrugged and turned away saying, “Okay then, I’ll just go and wait at the bottom.”
    She didn’t jump.
    Object lesson: Suicide counseling really does work!


  9. My husband wears dentures on the top had only had them about a year when his Min Pin Pup eat them. He had fallen asleep and they fell out of his mouth.


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