Have You Noticed The Trending Uproar From Certain Quarters About The Illegal Immigrant Children?

There is a bombshell of a story that they are absolutely desperate to hide and are doing everything they can to distract everyone away from it. Read on.

They are all over the media, wailing about how fucking horrible it is that Trump is tearing these poor innocent babies away from their loving mothers.

Yeah, the illegal immigrant mothers.

They didn’t seem to have a problem when Bill Clinton had his minions do this, did they?

Elian Gonzales

They don’t have a problem with the murder of millions of unborn babies either.

Why is it that all of a sudden, they are so fixated on the welfare of children?


Skip the chattering and go to 1:57 of this video and pay close attention to what she says.

The Clinton Foundation and alleged crimes against children.


It’s coming, they know it’s coming and they are desperate to deflect away from it.

It’s not going to help.

This has been floating around for a couple of years now and has been successfully suppressed so far.

That is about to change and it is absolutely, fucking, huge.


The (alleged) pedophile scandal of the century is about to break.


Best stock up on popcorn.

8 thoughts on “Have You Noticed The Trending Uproar From Certain Quarters About The Illegal Immigrant Children?

  1. Another blog I read said Anthony Bourdain was involved with 6 to 9 yea old girls and found he was being investigated that’s why he hung up. The guy gave a list of names some very prominent. If interested I can send you the list.


    • I’ve probably already know about them but you can either send me the list or the link to this guy’s blog and I can double check them in case someone has slipped under my radar.


      • Chris2 HopefulCynical Thu, 06/14/2018 – 22:57 Permalink

        Over on halfchan found this:

        Anthony Bourdain’s name came up on NXIVM who’s owner has been arrested and is giving up big clients to get a deal. His name came up for seeking girls age 6-9 and he would be facing life in prison so he chose death.

        Also names that came up:

        Roger Stone

        Bronfman sisters

        Doug Rutnik

        David Letterman

        Jerry Sienfeld

        Steven Colbert

        Seth Meyers

        Trevor Noah

        Elon Musk

        Peter Theil

        John McCain

        Joe Biden

        Just to name a few.

        The guy who posted said the papers were filed on Bourdain and once Schniderman was out of the way the prosecutions begun.

        The source is a top, top Hollywood lawyer who has been right every time.

        The whole Satanic pit is going down.



  2. if you are a believer pray protection on the president, on God’s other men in government, and upon their families.
    the truth shall set you free. unless you are a criminal, then the truth will lead to your incarceration, or to your execution by reason of treason.


  3. My guess is the NYPD detectives managed to image the HDD on that laptop\Ipad, and, still have the images. Once you move them to Flash Drives or DVD\BluRay discs, practically untraceable.

    My hope\their fears was a disclosure, before the info can be leveraged, and released to the ‘wilds’. I bet the Detectives were pissed when the Clown-shed took possession, and did nothing with it, but lip-service.

    I am REALLY shocked that the 4\8Chaners did not acquire a copy. It would have turned DC into a volcano…


  4. One set of laws for the bigwigs, another set for the peons.

    The Wicked Witch of the Left and her company of winged monkeys should’ve been dangling from lamp-posts a long time ago.

    I’m in one pissy mood. Ex-wife is demanding money to fix her car – more than enough to make a solid down on a newer (still used) car, won’t even look at Cargurus, throws a suspiciously round number at me for the repairs, and then demands to know why I’m not saving any money. Crazy, greedy, unreasonable.

    I called her shrink and told her that the ex was going off the deep end.

    I do not want a drink.

    Sorry. I’m disgusted. Had to vent a little.


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