A Little Justice

See this cat?


This cat is an asshole.

This cat ain’t happy either.

Him not being happy makes me happy.

A couple of my kids came over yesterday for a BBQ and my boy brought my 6 year old Grandson over.

In case you haven’t been around any 6 year old boys lately, they are like the Tasmanian Devil.

The kid no more than hit the door when the cat laid eyes on him and immediately fled to the highest part of a 5 1/2 foot tall cat perch, stayed there and glowered at that kid the entire time he was here.

You can’t see him in the picture because I had him back away so I could take it but the little guy had just been right there tormenting the fucking cat.

The cat being treed made sure he wasn’t sharpening his claws on my work boots or yowling like a panther for no good fucking reason.

I’m gonna have to have the little dude come over more often.

9 thoughts on “A Little Justice

  1. I have five fucking cats I inherited from my dad. Used to have more. I’m NOT a cat person. All of the cats are black and fricking inbred. One I call “Devil Cat” . I hate that ******er! Damn thing hisses at me when I feed it.


  2. Heh! Very apt description of the kid. Mine is 4 and has two speeds, dead stop or flank (maybe warp), nothing in between. As to the cat, I am sure it deserves every bit of the harassment offered.


  3. Be careful. There’s only one way he’ll come down from there – fighting. I have a scar on my face from a cat I cornered when I was 8. Nobody wins those encounters.

    He’s probably trying to start a conversation with you when he yowls. Yowl right back at him. After what you’ve told us about your coworkers, the yowling may be some of the most intelligent conversation you have all day. I feel like yowling right now, as a matter of fact.


  4. Yeah I can relate to all of your comments!
    I once brought a cat home. Got it from an animal sanctuary because I felt sorry for that furry asshole and I thought my kids would be happy having a cat.
    So i brought that critter home a week before my wife and kids came back so that cat could get used being here.
    The moment the cat was released it ran around, shitting literally EVERYWHERE and finally cimbed up a kitchen cabinet meowing and staring. Everytime I came closer it hissed and tried to claw.
    I was extremely fed up with this neurotic beast, put on my welding gloves, grabbed it and put it back inside the transport box – and vack to where it came from.
    Lucky for the cat I didn’t live out in the nowhere for I would surely have shot that fucker.


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