Happy Fathers Day

I’m hoping you reared your childrens with a sick sense of humor.

I know I did.

It may save their sanity later.

Mine would do something like this in a heartbeat.


The youngest daughter is the one you really need to keep an eye on.

She was paying lots of attention when I wasn’t looking apparently.

6 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day

  1. Went on a motorcycle trip to Cabo San Lucas about 20 year ago. Our group spent a couple nights in a little fishing village on the Bay of California. As soon as we checked into our cabins on the beach a couple of my compatriots started tossing vodka soaked pieces of bread to the Seagulls. I thought it was cruel, but it was also very amusing.


  2. I hate seagulls. They’re nothing but sea-going vultures, rats with wings. Most deep-water sailors hate them.

    Alfred Hitchcock had nothing on your daughter.

    Was Tippi Hedren anywhere around?


  3. My Cousins taught me a trick. Gut a fish take the guts and tie them to a paper plate with fish line about 4-5 feet throw them out where the seagulls can get them they grab the guts and take off when they see the plate sometimes they drop them and another seagull grabs them and flies off.


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