This One Mystifies Me

Why is it that it seems to me that if you stick a cup of coffee in the nucularizer and heat it back up until it’s so hot you can barely drink it, that it gets cold again faster than a cup of freshly poured coffee?


I swear it’s true.

8 thoughts on “This One Mystifies Me

  1. Hmm…
    Brings up another quite similar question:
    How is it that whenever we go on vacation the jurney to Denmark seems an endless drive but the way back seems like a short ride?
    And why the hell do I always have the impression I am driving almost constantly uphill when driving north and downhill when going south?


    • You are not alone there. My wife bitches at me whenever we go somewhere that I drive like an old man and it takes forever.(I have pulled my old self out on occasion and scared the shit out of her and asked if that was better.)
      On the way back, I want to get the fuck home and move right the fuck along.

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      • For me, I think the experiences of the vacation are reviewed and your attention is taken away by that. The same amount of time is used, your mind is just processing just what happened.


  2. I actually have an answer.

    The microwave heats water so effectively because the water molecule (H2-O) is strongly polar – the way the electrons of the component atoms are shared leaves the water molecule with a positive and a negative pole. This allows the microwave (radio frequency energy) to rattle the water molecules around pretty forcefully, heating them very quickly.

    If you’re using a ceramic mug, it’s composed mainly of silicon dioxide – SiO2. It’s a non-polar molecule, and microwaves don’t do much to it. Stick an empty mug in the nucularizer for as long as it would take to zap some coffee, and the mug will barely be warm.

    The fix is to put your coffemug under the tap and run HOT water in it, empty it, pour in the cold coffee, then nuke it.

    Dad taught me a few things, despite it all.


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