TGIF Has New Meaning For Me

Four ten hour days in a row makes for long days and wears my narrow little ass out.

I have a very physical job at times and do a ton of walking around back and forth all day on concrete and steel grating.

One guy had one of those pedometer thingies there once and said he was averaging 4-5 miles a day and  I believe it.

We don’t wear tennis shoes either.

I have a pair of Redwing steel toed boots.

The other day I was running 1 inch bolts down with a 3/4 drive impact gun.

I took out 24 bolts with nuts and tightened 48 that someone else had already taken out and put back in hand tight, and that was just one small task to get to a bigger objective.

You have to tighten these bolts in a sequence and go around them 3 times for final torque down. Trust me, that impact gun will rattle your fucking teeth out and turn your arms into jelly after a while. I’m just glad it’s not a 1 inch drive impact like I used to have to use to tighten the lug nuts on heavy trucks and trailers with.

We use 24 inch Crescent wrenches all the time and had a 5 foot long pipe wrench out for that job too,

I ain’t no Spring Chicken anymore, that heavy shit wears my old ass out.


On the other hand, here it’s Friday and I’m off today and don’t have to be back until Monday now.

I’m hoping that it won’t take me long to adapt to this schedule because 3 day weekends I can certainly appreciate.

I’m also hoping that I can keep up here, you can also trust me when I say that there are already moments when I want to say fuck it and not post anything because I am tired.

That ain’t the way Blogging works though.

So thanks for your support and we shall see how this all pans out.

After all,  humans are some of the most adaptable organisms on the planet.




7 thoughts on “TGIF Has New Meaning For Me

  1. Hey Phil, iffn’ ya want to take a day off entertaining us, I don’t think most of us as ornery followers would mind in the least. We all know you have a difficult job, and being skinny assed don’t have the muscle mass and stamina you had when you were a skinny assed young turk…


  2. You’re no good to anybody – including yourself – if you work yourself to death.

    We aren’t spring chickens any more, so rest yourself. Get some of those squishy Dr. School’s inserts for your boots, too.

    Old Mr. Body is trying to tell you something. Make those youngsters do the grunt work. They’ll have to learn how someday, and if you break a leg, they might shoot you like an old workhorse.

    Take some time off for Phil. Go fishing.
    The blog will still be here when you get back, and you’ll be able to tell us all a whole bunch of lies about the one that got away.


  3. Three day weekends – that sounds really good. For me, the 2nd day is just when I’m beginning to chillax and then I remember I have to start again the next day – damnation !

    You work in the heat and cold and that also effects how your work. Be you are acclimated pretty well to that. I don’t mind cold, but heat kicks my ass. Then again, I live waaaay down south where heat and cold mean a different thing to others.

    I’m an office drone, so physical work really doesn’t come into the equation. I work with my mind. But when we have a ‘lunch and learn’ (presentation where they feed you as you watch and listen), that day is loooony man. I need a break from the work for the mind to stretch its legs and laugh a little, you know ?

    When you need a break – take it. As said above, you aren’t doing yourself any good feeling obligated to write something when your mind is begging for a break. Your blog is entertaining and informative at the same time. That takes work too – THANKS !


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