What It Was Like Here Last Saturday


When I first saw this I would have bet five bucks that this was filmed near here up in the Columbia Gorge

After a bit of searching, it turns out this was in Austria. Hey NotWende, you got a big umbrella, right?


It looks very similar to the Columbia Gorge from this vantage point and I am here to tell you, we aren’t kidding around here when we say it rains a lot because this is exactly the kind of shit we get around here too.

I got woke up last Saturday by what sounded like a fucking Typhoon blowing through and it was raining so hard that I couldn’t see across the street because of all the water. When I stepped out the front door to look, there were two creeks out front in the road four feet across. One on each side of the street.

The wind was howling and what woke me up was a lightning strike that sounded like it was in my back yard.

An hour later and it was like it never happened.

Yeah, it rains a lot here sometimes.


11 thoughts on “What It Was Like Here Last Saturday

  1. Yes, this was happening some two hours by car from my home.
    We‘ve had almost bo spring, summer heat was upon us almost right after winter was over. Since right now there’s not much wind everything stays put – so does the heat. The results are much more severe thunderstorms as we are used to have around that time.
    Here’s a video I shot two days ago:


  2. I moved to the Pacific Northwest about 2 1/2 years ago – now I live fairly near to Phil’s corner of the woods.

    The amount of rain we get astonished me, at first. I told my youngest son that the hardest things in getting to & back from the grocery store were swimming against the current, being struck by floating logs, and finding submerged pockets of air.


  3. Went to see a friend near Mason City, Iowa on Saturday. Me and a bro. We had to outrun a tornado. We beat it as it crossed I-35 so close behind us that our ears were popping. Spooky. There is a storm chaser video on YouTube that shows us passing an approaching storm chaser with a second tornado in the background as we were heading west thru Clear Lake. Black Dodge Ram. Sirens blaring. Search Fertile, Iowa Supercell, Northern Iowa. Fun. But intense. We didn’t ride that day as my friend had a recent knee replacement. Thank God.


    • I’ve been through major mid-Pacific typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, played ‘chicken’ with Soviet heavy cruisers, been close enough to Russian Tu-95 ‘Bear’ maritime reconnaissance planes to flip them off & moon them, been ‘lit up’ by Iranian & North Korean fire-control radar, fought numerous shipboard fires, been drawn down on several times, tased, got into a knife-fight under a table – but tornadoes scare me. Badly. As in “Oh God No Make The Monster Go Away”, wet my pants scared.


  4. HAHA! Lived in the Portland metro area for over 30 years before I could escape. Storms in Oregon were impressive I believed. Then I moved to Arizona, and Oregon looked like preschool when it came to precipitation. 7 years later, I finally get home to Texas, and T-Storms here make Arizona look like kindergarten. Rains 9 months of the year in Oregon…Nothing compared to Texas.
    Oh, and as an added bonus, Texas is a FREE State.
    Love your blog. Please keep it going!


      • I hear it is rather good most days, though sadly I have yet to get out and do any myself in far too long.
        You should come to Texas Spud Rocket at least for a visit. Everything is Bigger here, even the damn insects. Not quite the size of a Tu-95, but close enough for Gov work, hehehe.


  5. Daaaamn, that is a serious case of cloud diarrhea ! Down here in south Texas, we are hoping for some of that soon, drought prevails here. The weekend is looking good for rain though.


  6. Sure would like some of that for our neck of the woods. 7% humidity today. Maybe Friday or Saturday, the National Weather Guess says we have a chance of thunderstorms. Southwestern Utah is a mighty dry place right now.


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