10 thoughts on “Not A Big City Chick.

  1. That one doesn’t worry about breaking her two-inch-long plastic claws on her I-phone. She might worry about getting her hair caught in the bolt of her Remington 700, though.

    I saw a shapely young lady in a short, tight skirt in a similar situation down south years ago. It took her three tries to get into the cab, and her backside “printed” very nicely each time – about two feet from my admiring eyes.

    Every so often, Fate smiles on us.


  2. Years ago I used to work with one like that. The main difference is that it was her truck, so she was climbing in the driver’s seat…………..


  3. I have to admit, I think I love that woman. There is nothing sexier than a competent female. No one would ever accuse her of being a Kardashian.


  4. Our DIL’s brother is married to a gal like that, and she’s cooler than liquid Nitrogen!

    Bagged an elk and field dressed it all by herself last year.

    And she has a bear tag she hasn’t used yet…..


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