12 thoughts on “How To Buy A Used U-Haul Trailer

  1. Their gas mileage is going to be way down and Uhaul doesn’t sell old trailers, they crush them and sell the manged pieces for scrap. It seems they are not looking in their mirrors… what maroons!


    • From the looks of their rear hatch, that trailer has already come loose once and the driver doesn’t give a fuck anymore.


  2. That’s the video^^^

    From the description it said the hyundai had texas plates.

    Hilarious video has captured a van driving down a highway with a U-Haul trailer on its side The video begins with a vehicle that sees the U-Haul van being dragged behind a white van on the far right lane. As the camera gets closer, the U-Haul van is seen tipped over on its side as clouds of dust get kicked up.The front seat passenger is seen with his phone out to film the scene as well as the car that’s filming pulls up alongside the van. The driver of the white Hyundai van with a Texas license plate – that has a smashed in bumper – appears to pay no mind to the fact that the trailer is on it side. One of the cables that attaches the trailer to the back of the van as become unattached. But the driver of the van continues cruising down the highway and the car in which the video is being filmed, changes lane so it’s behind the white Hyundai.


  3. I knew a guy that did that with his 30 foot long boat. Flipped it on the highway, and it took him and his truck over with it. 40,000$ boat, and 30,000$ truck. Insurance covered about half of it, I seem to recall.


  4. It might be a low-digit IQ moron.

    Or just somebody who really wanted to get out of that last town.
    For some values of “ex-significant other”, I can totally understand.

    There’s a not-insignificant chance he’s also some guy who couldn’t take the screaming kids and nagging wife any longer, put them all in the trailer, and was enjoying the relative peace and quiet the rest of the way to the campsite.


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