Their British Ancestors Weep

Poor dumb motherfuckers have allowed themselves to be cucked to the point that the government will barely allow them to carry a fucking pocket knife.


From what used to be the most powerful empire on the face of the planet to a fucking laughing stock among those of us who take these matters a little more seriously.
I say old chaps, don’t you think it’s about time you stood up for yourselves?

I mean now that you have let the Muzzies take over your country, it’s time to either fight or die slowly.


Maybe you should have taken things a little more seriously like some of the rest of us did.


Either way, we aren’t going to be bailing your asses out this time.

This time, your problems are coming from the inside.

I’m sure there are still a couple of fellows over there who still have a set of balls under them and remember what they are for.


The majority of you on the other hand, have turned into lawn decorations.


Y’all need to fix that before it’s too late.

Maybe take a few lessons from those pesky Irishmen who fucked with you for so long that you finally gave up.


It’s entirely up to you at this point.

It’s not like we don’t have problems of our own,


Black Lives Matter Protest Disrupts Holiday Shoppers At Mall Of America

The difference between us is that everyone over here knows that things can only be pushed to a certain point.

Cross that unspoken line and you unleash the most fearsome fighting force the world has ever seen.

machine gun


While most people would say that this is hyperbole pushed by a Keyboard Commando,

everyone of those people know deep down inside that this is the brightly blazing truth of the matter.

Because as Americans, we do this kind of shit for fun.


And even our stupidest politicians know there are limits to their fuckery.

5 thoughts on “Their British Ancestors Weep

  1. Very True the MEN who built the empire were killed off in WWI. Their sons were killed off in WWII. The British army in the 1970’s would not have put up with one of their own being killed in front of their own barracks. My buddy told what happened to e west German truck driver who said F*** the queen to a British truck driver who pulled him out of his truck beat the S*** out of him and placed the German truck driver back in his truck. Not one of the other German truck driver made a move to help their Kamerad.


  2. Britain. Always condemning the USA for our Guns and Yee Haw. They have a more ‘refined’ freedom they claimed was superior to ours. The only thing that their superior attitude has wrought is that they are ripe for the overtaking by the muzzies. At one time, the sun never set upon the British Empire. Now the sun is starting to set permanently on it only the citizens of England do not even know it.

    It is not so much that the Brits need to grow a pair. It is that they need to stop worshiping diversity. Any nation that willingly dilutes its heritage for the sake of matriculating foreigners into their population will suffer a terrible fate when their society splinters and falls apart.

    While it is not obvious, I tend to believe that Britain will come to its senses and soon. Austria figured it out. Who is next??????


  3. A British senior citizen was arrested not long ago for the unspeakable crime of carrying…wait for it…just a moment…a potato peeler.

    The British gov’t has gone batshit crazy.

    Full-bore, raving lunacy reigns in jolly olde England. Islamic rape gangs own the streets of London, and what passes for Englishmen these days are okay with that.

    British subjects, including the elderly, are not allowed the means to defend themselves.

    They’ve become so full of self-loathing and cowardice that the most merciful thing we could do would be to euthanize them all – quickly, cleanly and humanely – as you would a hopelessly injured dog.


  4. Sorry Phil, I didn’t know the actual clip would appear; I just pasted the url and after submitting the comment the video clip was there.


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