Trump Is Such A Meanie!

LA MALBAIE, Quebec (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump and Group of Seven leaders had a bitter exchange over trade tariffs, ratcheting tensions at a summit that he planned to leave early on Saturday before talks on climate change and the health of oceans.

The six-plus-one tone of the gathering in Quebec means the leaders from Canada, Britain, the United States, France, Germany Italy and Japan are unlikely to issue a joint statement, too sharply divided on trade or the environment to reach consensus.

In an “extraordinary” exchange between the leaders on Friday, Trump repeated a list of grievances about U.S. trade, mainly with the European Union and Canada, a French presidency official told reporters.

“And so began a long litany of recriminations, somewhat bitter reports that the United States was treated unfairly, that the trading system was totally unfavorable to the United States, the American economy, American workers, the middle class,” the official said.

My bold.


The guy wasn’t lying when he said America First.

What I love about this Reuters hit piece is the underlying message they are trying to smear him for.

Trump gave them all a double Fuck You.

First he is going to ram these trade adjustments down their throats and then he is going to walk away and ignore their favorite slide subjects of climate change and the environment because he knows it is a huge waste of time.

I fucking love it.

6 thoughts on “Trump Is Such A Meanie!

  1. On the subjects of trade and business, President Trump is authoritative and interesting. He’s also proven himself able to lead the MSM around by the nose, whether they like it or not. I count this latest as three solid body-blows by the boss.

    Aaaaannnd in other news, it’s raining like the proverbial cow pissing on a flat rock here in the semi-mythical community of Fishtank, Washington.

    It’s funny, how much the patter of rain falling on a tin roof sounds like a stream of piss splashing into a filthy Texaco urinal.

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    • Boy you ain’t kidding. I woke up at 6:30 this morning because I had to piss like a ruptured goat and couldn’t get back to sleep. I made some coffee and sat here fucking around until about ten and said fuck it and nodded back off finally. Four hours of sleep don’t cut it.
      About 11:30 I got woke up by a bolt of lightning and immediate thunder that sounded like it was in the back yard, the fucking wind was howlin’ like a Banshee and it was pouring buckets of rain so hard it was unreal. It was like a damn Typhoon was blowing through!
      I got up and peeked outside and the street had two creeks running down it, one on each side. They have been whining that we are behind on our rainfall totals. I think we just made that up in less than an hour.


  2. Aesop called him “Atilla the Trump” in a post. Sounds about right the way he slapped those bitches around at the G7.


  3. God Bless Maestro Donald – The lead trumpeter in the Seal a Deal Hurdy-Gurdy Steel Band. My advice: Keep soaking up his magnificence because America will never see another president like him. I fear after his 8 years as POTUS, we’ll revert to the same political elitist stooges we’ve had to endure for decade upon decade.


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