12 thoughts on “Sometimes I Have No Words

  1. In a way, this is the most perfect post ever. In psychology, there’s some fancy named effect (Dunning Kruger) that says stupid people don’t realize they’re stupid. This is either a fantastic example of the effect or a great troll.


    • To quote Will Rogers:
      “There are men running governments who shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches.”

      That Bell Curve thing (Poisson distribution) applies to politicians as well as the general population.

      I’m boringly average (IQ = 110),
      but that means that half the people I meet are stupider than I am.

      The problem with stupid people is that it’s unethical and time-consuming to kill them.


  2. Oh, wait. The Canadian scores are lower because of the exchange rate.

    If they were expressed in Canadian Loonies they would be the same as the US; just worth less.


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