Americans Creed

Once again, swiped from an Anonymous poster over on 8Chan.
I liked it enough to swipe it but I can’t give credit to who found it first.

Americans Creed

What this country used to be about before the Welfare State was created and the Snowflake Generation showed up.

2 thoughts on “Americans Creed

  1. Modern-day Liberals (purple-haired, rainbow-flag waving, “radfem” Communists) would call Mr. Alfange a fascist. Then again, they’d call John Adams a Nazi, too.

    Aaaannd the Miss America swimsuit competition has gone into the scrapheap of history. The PoundMeToo crowd are responsible. Fucking killjoys. They won’t stop until every physically attractive woman in America is wearing a thick wool burka and carrying a can of pepper spray at all times.

    Bert Parks was not available for comment.

    Josef Stalin, Mao tse-Tung and Pol Pot are reported to have been laughing themselves sick in Hell.


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