Antifa Stirring The Shit In Portland Again

Some people had a Prayer rally to see off one of their friends and Antifa had a counter protest, whatever the hell that means.

How do you protest a prayer rally? This ain’t the first time these two groups have gone at it, either.

Anyways, as usual, things got heated,  punches were thrown and a couple people got arrested.

It’s funny that I was just wondering to myself on Friday why I hadn’t heard anything out of those little dick heads for a while.

This is the best video I could find, it does a great job of jumping to the action and skipping over the bullshit. There’s a few beatings, an arrest or two and some pepper spray action.

Just one more reason why I hate that fucking town anymore and won’t go over there unless I have to.

5 thoughts on “Antifa Stirring The Shit In Portland Again

  1. I really hope that the lefties get the hot civil war that they are trying so hard to foment. When the SHTF, it should only take about 72 hours to rid ourselves of these twats!


  2. No sh-t, how and why protest a prayer rally?!!? And those little mofo bitch antifas hiding their ID behind bandanas and masks. They are mentally ill, seriously. Who else behaves like that? No one.


  3. “And I’m all outa gum”.

    Kinda hard to tell who was who. Seems both sides had some folks that came ready to rumble, and everybody was spoiling for a fight.

    The cops were kinda…..ineffective, weren’t they? ‘Round here, they never let the groups tangle, or they decide early on not to intervene. Either way, they don’t just sit around and then swoop in half-assed….


  4. the cops weren’t just ineffective they were accomplices before, during and after the fact just like charlottesville, va. what ever happened to the policy of police keeping the groups separated, even on opposite ends of a town for demonstrations? not only do they not intervene they set it up to be a fight from the start. that is illegal in itself.


  5. Chairman Mao’s Red Guards and the Weathermen had nothing on these Antifa punks.

    Outrage Alert!


    Have they come out of the Commie Closet? Those antifa shitweasels should be getting hosed off the street by the fire department!
    Something is terribly, terribly wrong here. I must be getting senile, because I can’t figure out why they’re allowed to show their faces in public.
    Follow the money…


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