2nd From The Right

cute face

She has a cute face but she is built like a draft animal from the waist down.

Imagine that in twenty years.

Yeah, I’m a dick, I know.

8 thoughts on “2nd From The Right

  1. Is that the Kardashian team cheerleading squad? Hell, there’s enough hind quarter beef there to feed the entire Chinese army for a month.


  2. Exactly!!!! The science says, that all things in life DROOP!!! These guys that like bug butts; boy howdy, you don’t know what’s in store for y’all. If the butt is big now…..wait till she pumps out a couple of kids, or just let gravity work it’s magic.
    So to minimize that natural course of events, begin with a small butt!!!!
    Some advice from an old man that has seen old age aunts and cousins “sinking” to low depths!!!



  3. They’ve ALL got the BIG AMERICAN ASS that has become so damned common. I REALLY miss the days of old when a large woman was a size 8 or 10. Now a woman that size gets called anorexic by the Moo Crew.


  4. Too much butt on all of them. I like a dancer’s physique (think Bettie Page or Yvonne Craig).
    Julie Newmayer (Catwoman, from the 1960’s Batman series) was my idea of a perfect 10.


  5. The young bull says to the old bull after surveying the field full of cows, “let’s run down there fast and fuck the first cow we see.” The old bull answers back, “let’s walk down there slow and fuck’em all.”


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