The Feckless Cunts Are Awfully Quiet About Samantha Bee After Savaging Roseanne Barr

MMMMM, hypocrisy much?

As if I would expect anything less from these shit weasels.

So this Samantha Bee woman went on a little rant on her tv show and called Ivanka Trump a feckless cunt for not doing more to pressure POTUS to do more about  illegal immigrant children being separated from their mothers after being apprehended.

That’s a whole rabbit hole of a subject on it’s own, with finger pointing about the problem going both ways .


So after completely losing their shit after Roseanne tweeted some shit about Valerie Jarrett and her getting her show cancelled within hours, what are we hearing from the Left about this little faux paux?

Crickets baby.

Just exactly what you would expect.

While we are on the subject of the Lefts hypocrisy and what they find to be acceptable behavior, have you seen this shit?




Ah, yeah, OK.

It’s coming people, Us or Them.

If you choose to ignore this, be my guest.


The canary has been dead so long it’s little corpse is rotting in it’s cage at the bottom of the mine shaft.

Cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias combined with the Identifiable Victim Effect have blinded and inured way too many people in this country and that has been the long term aim of the NWO from the very beginning.

It’s a long term paradigm shift away from We The People as a united country to an Othering of select groups as a way to fragment society and pick off groups one by one.

Preferred groups gain special favored status in the media to normalize and encourage their behavior.

If this isn’t obvious to you at this point then just think about the Gay movement and where it is now compared to where it was fifty years ago.

Now substitute Illegal Immigrant for Gay and see if this doesn’t fit the narrative I have just laid out.

Going back to the original subject of this post, let me point out how effective the focused Sound and Fury campaigns against the slightest perceived offense the Left employs are compared to the GIANT FUCKING MEH’s coming out of the Right and see who is continually gaining ground politically.

This is a war we are in folks.

If Sound and Fury works for them then maybe it’s time for a little Righteous Justice and Foot Stomping of our own.

Remember what happened to this bitch?



Apparently the motherfuckers didn’t get the message.

She sure as hell did.

kathy weeping.

This needs to happen EVERY SINGLE TIME one of these “edgy” pieces of shit steps over the line so this Liberal little cock holster should be next in line.

Samantha bee



5 thoughts on “The Feckless Cunts Are Awfully Quiet About Samantha Bee After Savaging Roseanne Barr

  1. Little Comrade Kathy Griffin was faking those tears…fake, all the way through.
    She and her little friend Samantha Bee are safe, though, with their security teams and limousines ready to whisk them from their gated communities to the boutiques on Rodeo Drive.

    The People’s Republic of California…well, that says it all. Hostile territory – and here we are, Phil, operating far behind enemy lines.

    The execs at Google wouldn’t know a Fascist if twelve of Mussolini’s squadristi came up and beat them senseless with rubber truncheons. To them, a Nazi is anybody who dares to disagree with the Lunatic Left’s brand of ‘Official Truth’.

    Screw them.


  2. Sorry about the double post, but I’ve swilled down enough coffee to get my brain working again.

    A few things that seem to be connected floated to the surface.

    Almost unnoticed in Samantha the B’s comment is her not-so-sly implication that the President and Ivanka have an incestuous relationship. “Something tight and low-cut”, indeed. What a gross, smutty little mind Samantha has.

    California-brand arrogance and Governor Moonbeam’s defiance of the Fed’s immigration policy – why? How?
    I was reading up on California geology, and it turns out that huge, and I do mean huge, deposits of gold ore were discovered there a couple of years ago.

    Don’t bother getting your mule, pick, shovel and pan out – the ore requires chemical processing (mercury and cyanide) to get the gold out. But the gold is there, enough for California to rival South Africa as the world’s leading producer. Huge. Tremendous.

    So, Commiefornia has even more economic clout than we knew about. Hence, the arrogance and defiance of the Fed.


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