Your Belly Laugh Of The Day

Good lord these people really do think we’re stupid.

This quote from former NSA Chief Spook Michael Hayden,

“I have worked in intelligence for over three decades. I know what anti-democratic forces look like,” Hayden writes. “I have seen them in multiple foreign countries,” meaning the secret police and military officers that hold the keys to power in places like Turkey. “There is no ‘deep state’ in the American republic,” he adds. “There is merely ‘the state’—or, as I characterize it, career professionals doing their best within the rule of law.”


In other words,

“Trust me”.

And we are supposed to trust assholes like this guy too?


And this guy?


And this guy?


And this guy?


And this bitch?


And especially this bitch?


The Queen of Pay to Play among other nefarious and well documented transgressions before, during and after she was the Secretary of State?

I could go on and on and on with examples of lying, crooked  people who were sworn into office and who turned out to be corrupt political hacks with an agenda to undermine the rule of law in this country.

There is no need for that.

We The People see you for what you are Hayden.

You and all these other fucking criminals.

And yes, there very much is a Deep State.

You and all the rest of your contemporaries along with the bankers and hundreds and thousands of other players.

So you can quit trying to redeem yourselves .


There is no redemption for corrupting the most sensitive positions in our government.


You should quit while you are ahead, while about half of Americans don’t have the slightest idea who you are and what you have helped cover up.

The rest of us aren’t going to forget or forgive.


5 thoughts on “Your Belly Laugh Of The Day

  1. ““There is no ‘deep state’ in the American republic..”

    Comey said, at a presser for the release of his book, that there IS a deep state. Of course in true politesse, he referred to the members of the deep state as “Ballast” keeping America from sinking or such dumb metaphoric double speak.

    This knuckle head must not have gotten the memo.


    • Did comey really claim that the ‘deep state’ acts as ballast and that is what keeps the ‘ship of state’ afloat? Seriously? I doubt he has even been in a rowboat if that is what he believes. He certainly ought to at least look up some nautical terminology before the tries to use it as a metaphor……………………


      • Yeah, it’s true. He tried using the ballast metaphor as a way of declaring that a group of non elected, interlinked members within the government did not constitute a “deep state”, but were actually just group of like minded individuals looking out for America’s best interests.

        Here is a link to a blog post on the subject:


  2. Ronald Reagan’s “continuity of government” scheme went completely off the rails when the aptly-named Admiral Poindexter got caught running cocaine and guns along with Ollie “What Me Worry” North. If John Q. Public tried to run a scam like that, he’d never see daylight again.

    I believe President Reagan must have been pretty far-gone with Alzheimer’s when he signed off on that scheme – he probably had no idea what Bush The First shoved in front of him to be signed.

    Colin Powell – what a disappointment. I found out that he was one of those Trilateral Commission jackasses and my respect for him changed into disgust and horror. Hero of Desert Storm, my ass. The lowliest Engine Room greasemonkey is more of a hero than than that gasbag.

    In other news, I came across a bundle of Army tech manuals while searching the Internet Archive for cheesy 1950s giant bug movies. Some really nice 1960s strippers, too – including the great…really, really great…amazing…Bettie Page.

    Sigh. I was born too late.


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