Roseanne Learns An Old Lesson

She tweeted Badthink about Valerie Jarrett and got her show yanked.

That lesson?


Since you are here reading what I think, I think Valerie was Barack Obama’s handler and that he couldn’t wipe his ass without her knowing about it.
The fact that Roseanne Barr was dumb enough to tweet what she did without thinking of the possible ramifications shows me that she doesn’t realize who she is poking at.

Jarrett pretty much flies under the radar but believe me when I say that this woman has immense clout in certain circles.
I have been patiently waiting for someone to finally dig up a smoking gun to stick back in her hand for the rest of the world to see.

Roseanne just turned on a big spotlight.

Valerie much prefers to work in the shadows.

8 thoughts on “Roseanne Learns An Old Lesson

  1. Mayhaps Roseanne took it in the neck in order to bring exposure to what has been so hidden by those in power.

    Sorry to see her show go, but it is interesting to watch the cockroaches scramble as the light of truth is turned on them.


  2. The truth is being spoken and the P.C. crowd is in panic mode. I think Roseanne Knew the bear she was poking but thought her ratings would protect her show. Old crazy bitches have no filter’s when they speak, married to 1, I know how they are.


  3. Brassy as she is, I wouldn’t put it past her to deliberately draw fire from the enemy.
    Smooth and sophisticated she ain’t, but she’s not lacking in the courage department. She’s a mama bear.


  4. Rosie “The Riveter” should have stuck to vile Melania Trump tweets. That would have made her a “shoe-in” for a Golden Globe award.


  5. vj moved into obamy’s house when they left office. that should tell you something. and handler is the right term. her folks are Iranian so I don’t get where they call her African American, bullshit. her folks were high up in muslim brotherhood just like huma abedin. how they got security clearance to even be in the white house is a crime unto itself. I could go on for days but what good would it do?


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