Words Of Wisdom From Aesop

Not the Greek fable teller, the American Patriot.

I have been busier than a one legged man at an ass kicking contest and it is actually going to get worse here in the near future.

That being said, I still try to find the time to keep up with what is going on and visit my favorite bloggers when I’m not falling asleep with my laptop open, kicking back in my chair.

I saw this post over at Aesop’s place yesterday and made a mental note to go back and read it again so I could share it with you in case you didn’t see it.


He was stressing the fact that even though right at the moment the heat isn’t turned on high, eventually Trump is not going to be the one in charge and it’s going to be game on.

We should all be taking advantage of this lull and doing what we can to prepare for the eventuality that the Civil war we are currently in is going to come to a head.

Make no mistake, there is a Civil war being fought, it has been going on for several years and it will eventually break out into the open.

The Left is not going to stop trying to go Full Commie until they are either stopped by force or we are defeated and all that has come before us is for nothing.

Every single day they keep chipping away and all you have to do is look to see it.

So while they are busy, we should be too.

One thing I can’t stress enough is the power and information you have available to you at the tips of your fingers right this minute.

If you are reading this then you have two weapons right now.

A computer and the the internet.

Use them for all they are worth.

Aesop tells you flat out to find, download, save and distribute critical information that is currently available on the internet.

I couldn’t possibly agree with that more.

My Laptop is so full that I am running out of memory so I went and bought a 1 Terrabyte external hard drive and have started transferring files, manuals, How To’s, video’s, entire books and documents that are available, at the moment, so I have them to reference from whether or not the internet is working.

You need to realize that not only is there a concerted effort to censor what you say going on, there is are also the issues of information being censored that could save your fucking life later and that the internet is a function that can be turned off at any time, without warning.

Go over and read Aesop’s post and take that shit to heart.

The guy has read the writing on the wall and is telling you how it’s going to be, whether you keep your head in the sand or not is up to you after that. He is a straight shooter and is also very intelligent. I don’t waste my valuable time reading or linking to people who aren’t.

We should all be gathering, saving and most of all, SHARING the vital information that we can get our hands on.


There will be a test later, it will be a Pass/Fail and you will only get to take it once.


6 thoughts on “Words Of Wisdom From Aesop

  1. You should get a tablet so you can use THAT to access the data on that hard drive. And solar panels to charge the tablet. Your computer might not have power…..

    and do more. Teach kids. 4-H scouts, etc. Push back against the indoctrination of the schools. I do. It makes a HUGE difference in their worldview when exposed to attitudes from older guys like me. Values, judgements, etc…..If nothing else, I give them another viewpoint to think from.

    Plus, I teach NRA pistol and rifle classes. No better way to turn a Liberal to a Conservative. I teach for free, as do those with whom I teach. We charge only what the NRA charges us, plus $10 to cover the range expenses and insurance.

    Gotta get out there and TEACH things to the new generation. They only know what they have been taught. Teach ’em of other things.

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  2. One of my favorite bedtime storybooks was NAVAIR 00-80T-96, one of the Navy’s survival, evasion, resistance and escape texts.

    I was a Tech Pubs librarian for much of my Navy career, and made a point of actually reading the more interesting books. Repair instructions for the AWG-9 radar, not so much.

    I have to go get one of those terabyte memory widgets.

    Thanks for the info, Phil!


      • I paid $59 for my WD 1TB external HDD, because I’m a cheap fucker and I shopped for it. Two days ago I saw a sale for the 2TB model for $64…


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