Reminds Me Of One Of Our Cats


We have this little black long haired cat that we have had since she was born.

Had her sister too who was the mousingest fucking cat I had ever seen but it turned up missing and never showed up again about a year ago.

When they were very young, I would occasionally come home from work and still have half a sandwich left over from lunch and I would plop my ass down in the recliner, dig it out, unwrap it out of the sandwich bag and start munching on it.

Those two little fuckers would come sniffing around and I would give them little bites of the sandwich meat. It wasn’t very often and they were both very young but I’m here to tell you that they knew the sound of a sandwich baggy meant good things.

It had probably been two years since I had done that and I wasn’t even thinking about it one night a couple of weeks ago when I reached over and started digging a half a sandwich out of a baggy after work.

Next thing I know, I have a little black cat right in my face begging for a treat.

Jumped up onto the recliner and climbed right over the laptop screen to get to me.

Normally this cat doesn’t have hardly anything to do with me.

It’s funny how the little fucker remembers that.

My cat is the same way with tin cans.

Doesn’t matter what’s in it, if I pull out a can of soup or chili or something, that fucker is on me, meowing and rubbing on my legs and shit.

Thinks it’s canned cat food.

Cats can be pretty fucking stupid sometimes but they have an amazing ability to remember where food comes from.




7 thoughts on “Reminds Me Of One Of Our Cats

  1. My cat Leo is the same way. Open a can of anything – he is right there, hoping its cat food. Opened a can of Vienna Sausage last night – zoooom, right there. I was sitting on a kitchen stool and he stretched out, trying to sniff what was on the menu. :^) Cats are crazy, but I don’t accuse them of stupidity as many do.

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  2. I don’t think cats are particularly stupid.
    But their brains are only about the size of a walnut, mostly dedicated to instinct and reflex, and geared toward eating, sleeping and occasional mischief. There is very little excess for cogitation.
    A cat’s social behavior differs significantly from a dog’s- the dog is more likely to please its master. Cats, on the other hand…


  3. Fuzzbucket may be just a knuckleheaded cat, but he greets me at the door, cheerfully wakes me up in the morning, puts me to bed at night, and is always ready for play or affection.

    My ex was less attentive and more demanding.


  4. Gotta half pounder sitting on my chest right now, almost sliding off onto the keyboard. Well, that just happened. Now it wants to make its own comments. Gotta go.


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