Something To Consider Adding To Your Comms Inventory

I just ran across this link and found it to be an interesting use of cell phone technology.

You can turn your cell phone into a 2 way Walkie Talkie with this add on app but the most interesting thing I saw was that you can also link a CB radio or HAM radio with a computer and an interface to it. This would effectively extend the range of a CB to whatever the range of your cell phone network is.


#Patriot Darknet AmRD: Turn your cell phone into a Zello walkie-talkie


The Venezuelans protesting their government have used Zello to organize protests, trying to stay a little ahead of the government monitors. To a lesser extent the Ukrainians who were in a protest and now in a civil war have also used Zello.

In short Zello is an application for NSA iPhone or NSA Android which turns your phone into a walkie-talkie. The walkie-talkie ability is very similar to NEXTEL’s old push to talk (PTT) ability that Sprint allowed to die. The nice thing is it allows you to “one to many” up to 1,000 other Zello users. This is great for an organization when immediate communication with a large group people immediately. It is nearly a small broadcast application.  Zello’s other nice ability is that it is an application. Thus, if the Internet or cell phone towers with data ability, you can use Zello to communicate.  And here is a very powerful feature.  With an Echo link into your CB or HAM radio, you can broadcast from your HAM or CB into Zello.  The ability to create a single broadcast network with CB, HAM and smartphones is potentially very powerful.



The downside of Zello is that it is an application. That means it runs on a smart phone, and therefore everyone who has one can be tracked. Also Zello tracks you to a certain degree broadcasting it to other users of Zello. Also, Zello is not encrypted. Thus, it is like you are broadcasting in the clear.  However this is the same as HAM radio or CB radio.  Anyone can listen and talk on HAM or CB bands.  It is “open” and “in the clear.”  Zello design was to be a radio for your phone and thus is no different.  This application, like radios was not designed for security or anonymity but immediate large-scale broadcast on a smartphone.

Organizing your group only over open, unencrypted channels no matter if it is the Internet, HAM or CB bands is not smart. That is what happen to the Iranian backed protestors in Bahrain. The government guys supposedly got on the Zello application and encouraged a meetup and then arrested everyone who responded.   The Bahrain operation is very telling as it is suspected that the US intelligence services assisted Bahrain in putting down its protest as Bahrain is a friend of the US military.

Even though it is completely insecure, the ability of turning any cell phone into a two-way walkie-talkie broadcasting out from one to many, with global reach and the ability to tie CB and HAM together with smartphones may have its uses in your liberty operations now or in the future. With this application you can listen to HAM nets happening in the American Redoubt. It apparently has been useful to the protestors in Venezuela, Ukraine, and Bahrain.

Like I said, interesting and shouldn’t be discounted as having a place in your inventory.

Although it has zero security, as long as you weren’t using it for subversive activities it could be very handy in a pinch.

As always, options are good.

8 thoughts on “Something To Consider Adding To Your Comms Inventory

  1. Nice app. Don’t depend on it though. Shutting down the Cell Network can make it useless very quickly. and you can be easily tracked. Good for setting things up before the kickoff though….With a burner phone.

    Unencrypted isn’t a big deal,, really. A one time pad of code words makes it still viable. Words like “Lettuce” and “November” and “wedding cake” and such can mean whatever you want them to…so if everyone knows their job, you can use ’em for timing at a worst case.

    I still think the Baofeng UV5r is the best choice for some stuff. Good range (I’ve done 12 miles with a better antenna, 4-6 as it comes if the land is flat and clear)… disposable, cheap and you can keep the transmit times short, making it hard (not impossible) to triangulate. Gloves and a plastic bag make ’em untraceable when you are done with them if you need to drop ’em in the trash…..Plus they burn well (don’t ask). And someone’s gotta know the approximate frequency you are using to track the transmitter. Few departments outside of the military can track ’em at all…




  2. B,

    Couldn’t agree more. Pre planning for codewords and number derivatives like 10-4 translated to a completely different meaning for those number derivatives could/would be key here.
    Instead of 10-4 meaning copy, it could mean something completely different within a group as follows.

    11-44 means coroner required but could mean haul ass and nope yourself outta there or some phrase to mean absolutely something else with no relation to that terms original meaning.
    Think Windtalkers but in english…

    Also Phil,
    Check this guy out. Phenomenal ideas, thought processes and, his latest should get at least a read. It’s like reading a spy novel this whole Q thing. I pray that it comes to pass and I think it will. DJT is a smart guy with lots of other smarter than me people supporting this effort. Probably drag this thing out closer to the mid terms for max effect before it blows but Q is saying “Bring the Pain”. Howitzers man, fuckin howitzers. (USMC mud grunt, arty…lol thats how we used to describe heavy outbound to the VC) \

    Anyway, gotta clean up the dirty courts to get max effect.


  3. SORRY Phil,

    I HAVE/had NO IDEA how or why this published this way but I guess it saves a step. Follow this guys posts is all I can say.
    Friggin thing just posted all of it by my just dropping the link in.

    Again, sorry man.


  4. PHIL,
    You can leave it or not but this is not even the article I meant to link to. The article I was talking about is submitted by a anon named SerialBrain2. It is as follows and edited to not post on your page automatically as the last one did, I hope. Damn I’m just trying to post a link. Never seen that happen before.

    Remove Parenthesis from .combelow (com)

    This really lays out how fuckin smart DJT and crew really are.



      I can’t thank you enough for turning me on to those links.
      They each turn into quite the rabbit hole but I just learned more about what’s going on in the last half hour than I have reading the 8Chan threads daily for the last several months!
      It is far, far more insidious and high stakes than I could have possibly imagined and the Spy VS. Spy shit just blows my feeble little mind.

      Damn, Trump and Q are really playing this out with serious skillz.
      I doubt anyone could make a movie that captures all that has been going on but it is even more riveting for me now than it was this morning and I was beginning to think I was obsessed with this shit last week!

      Dude, those are going to be must follow and reads.
      Thanks again!


  5. If you ever once read the fine print on an App, youd never have another again. Or just read what you’ve agreed to on your cell phone by looking at the App permissions you have granted.

    If you have an App on your phone, you have totally and legally given away your right to privacy.


  6. zello needs the cell system to be up for it to work. The Cajun Navy used it extensively to rescue people in houston during Harvey, so it works when the system is still up.

    If the system is down, there are apps that use mesh networking directly between phones to provide comms. No experience with them, and they are APPS so normal privacy caveats apply.

    first hit on google –

    Or, a reminder from a comment at that page – – “something like the goTenna / goTenna Mesh device ( ; app is iOS and Android) : it allows you to securely message between 2 devices over a greater distance than off-grid mesh apps alone (such as FireChat).”



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